Owner-operators show business optimism for 2014

| January 21, 2014
Only one in seven respondents to this poll reported a negative outlook for the year.

Only one in seven respondents to this poll reported a negative outlook for the year.

Economy HB bugAs January got rolling in earnest, owner-operators back from holiday breaks or just continuing on their way through record-low temps and reports of yearend rate increases in the spot freight market reflected a majority view that their businesses would fare better in 2014 than the prior year. “Outlook is profitable,” wrote reader Richard Young on Overdrive’s Facebook page.

Owner-operator Tilden Curl concurred. He was handed lemons with the California Air Resources Board’s Statewide Truck and Bus Rule, which this year is banning unmodified 1996-2006 model year diesel engines on its roadways. But Curl says he’ll use his proactive investment to make lemonade in 2014.


CARB extension a no-go for California independents

Checking in with California-based independents Tom and Karen Moore at the end of their long stare-down with CARB's Truck and Bus Rule.


“My CARB-certified truck will be paid off this year and half of my miles are in California,” he noted. “I made the investment to update my equipment and charge what it costs to do business. Those that choose not to come to California only make it easier for me and the large companies to make better money…. It will probably be my best year ever.”

All well good for Curl, said operator Jason Smith, also commenting on Facebook: “2014 will be my last year in business. Thank you, CARB!”  

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  • ilovdieselsmoke

    If this clean smokeless truck nonsense continues to spread across America I will also hang it up. Sorry but I’m just not interested in purchasing this new flawed technology nor going in debt when I have a perfectly good tractor that’s paid for. It may just retire as a local dump truck or even a camper but I certainly won’t junk my conventional because these green special interest groups who’ve paid off the politicians claim we are poisoning the planet. Give us a break. Has anyone taken a close look lately at the newer EPA approved trucks which now have a lot of miles and many with neglect of maintenance? Well I know of around a dozen that smoke like the old sixty model 250 Cummings used to because the owners have managed to rag them out. Guess what? After all the expense, the turmoil these environmentalist nuts have caused us the same damn problem still exist when you neglect or poorly maintain equipment. It still pollutes no matter what year model nor what expensive technology they come up with forcing us to install poorly maintained broken down trucks are still junk.. .

  • david webster

    We need to have min trucking rates to buy the new trucks. Many owner operators have left and got other better paying jobs in the past 6 years. The large co.(s) are replacing these drivers with inexperenced drivers at $15. to $19. per hour and then complain when these drivers get better jobs( in another line of work) 2 years after coming to Canada.

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