Parking shortage: DOT looking for driver feedback

| April 24, 2014

The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration wants to hear from drivers about the challenges they face in finding parking. 

Their survey, a joint venture with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, calls the problem a “crisis” and wants to hear from drivers as to where and when shortages take place. Click here to take the survey.


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The survey period ends May 2. 

FHWA’s efforts are part of MAP-21 required action on Jason’s Law — the legislation on truck parking named for Jason Rivenburg, a driver who was murdered in 2009 after parking for the night at an abandoned gas station. 

MAP-21 set aside some money to expand parking facilities around the U.S. and required FHWA to do a study on the parking shortage. 


Jason’s Law: Five years after the passing of its namesake

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OD Senior Editor Todd Dills put together a comprehensive list of background stories on Jason’s Law in a blog post in 2012, after MAP-21 was passed. Click here to see that story. 

Also, OD blogger Wendy Parker was able to talk with Hope Rivenburg in March, just after the five-year anniversary of Jason’s death. Click here to read that story and listen to a podcast of her conversation with Hope. 

  • guest

    Alot of the Capable truckers are Leaving the industry. If you ever DO find a parking space….and you go inside the truckstop…..when you Return to whats Left of yer truck…it will have been Smashed and many times the “driver” who did the damage casually drove away.

  • whyismycachealwaysclearing

    If I’m racing the clock if I can at least have a place to safely park at night? I mean, for the love of Christ, is it asking too much to be able to safely shut down for the night?

    Here’s the legitimate issue- Anne Ferro has no idea how trucks, or trucking works; but she’s gonna do her damnedest to find out by wingin’ it!

  • mr.m

    parking has always been a problem. here’s what I think. with e-logs going to be put in every truck. safe heaven parking in industrial or warehousing districts. is going to have to be done. do to past problems with truckers pitching certain bags and bottles of waste on the ground.has taken away parking at about every shipper and receiver nationwide. so I think by adding rest rooms with the rest heavens in the industrial area’s with trash drop off. would be a big step in bring an end to parking issues for companies that are not in an industrial area. offering some kind of funding to help create truck rest heavens with restrooms. would be a big help. this is where I think we’ll see the best results in resolving parking issues. other then this. many drivers will have to do what I and other drivers have been doing for years. avoid major truck stop chains for parking. learn to seek out the smaller mom& pop truck stops.


    Here’s an equation for the FHWA…

    D=Dock doors or loading bays at a plant or warehouse…

    12=Number of trucks one dock or bay should be able to load or unload… In a 24 hour period… Presuming the get the job done in 2 hours… With the exception of Wal-Marts, 4 hours plus…

    P=The number of parking places needed… Within a 100 miles radius of said plants and/or warehouses…

  • Leos379

    Parking has become a serious issue, if your not in a truck stop by 8:00 pm your chances of finding a spot become real slim. Everybody wants to control our Hours of Service but nobody has created the infrastructure to accomodate trucks to be able to safely park for the night and these areas need to be classified as SAFE HEAVENS which means that not even the DOT show be able to bother us which they seem to enjoy doing.

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  • Keith King Sr.

    It’s a shame that we don’t have more places to park. South Carolina has been closing down most of our rest areas. The most sickening thing is when u stop on a on ramp because u are fatigued to take a nap because there is Now where else. …The police come wake u up to give u a ticket in most states!

  • guest

    Its become fairly DISGUSTING to HAVE to park in these crap hole “truckstops” most are filled with Guatamalan Regugees. lol
    The Pilot on I-10 in Buckeye Az always looks like Mexico city….really a sickening dump filled with savages.

  • hotdog

    I don’t know what their policy is now but many years ago I stopped at a rest area on I-95 in SC at about 2 or 3 am to get some rest. At about 7 am I was awakened by a loud banging on my sleeper door and looked out to see a SC State Trooper who told me it was daylight and time to clear out of his rest area. I reached for my logbook to show him that I had only been there a few hours and wasn’t rested or legally able to move, he told me that if I showed him a logbook that said I was unable to drive he would simply write me a parking ticket and call a wrecker and have my truck towed out of the rest area. I looked at him and he just stared at me so I eased her into gear and away I went.

  • S.E.

    Happened to my husband down in Southern California late one night. He was out of hours, couldn’t find anywhere to park, so he pulled off into a wide spot off the freeway. CHP told him to move, my husband told him it was illegal for him to be on the road, no hours left. (In Southern CA, there is little to none parking, no rest areas, and few shippers willing to let you park on their property). He was escorted to another area by the cop. Next morning, guess how many trucks were parked where he previously parked the night before? A bunch. And no tickets.

  • S.E.

    Well, what about Fontana? Interesting clientele there. Shippers want their loads, they just don’t want truckers parking there. It really is unsafe out there. I worry about my husband all the time. A few years ago in Lodi, CA at one of the truckstops, a driver was walking back to his truck when a couple of individuals tried to rob him. He managed to get into his truck while fighting with them and grab his weapon and shot and killed one of them. What do you think the first thing that was investigated? Not the perps. Yes, did the trucker have a concealed weapon permit!

  • Robert

    This is y drivers should be able to carry firearms
    With the proper permit and FEES of course

  • James Leftlane Cook III

    Well the survey is closed how are u suppose to get feedback…like if they really cared anyway strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.