Pilot sued by New Jersey fleets even after settlement reached

| August 16, 2013

pilot flying jNational Retail Transportation, Inc., and Keystone Freight Corp. — two fleets that share an address in Hasbrouch Heights, New Jersey — are the latest fleets to file a lawsuit against national truck stop chain Pilot Flying J in the wake of federal allegations that the company withheld owed fuel rebates from trucking company customers.

Similar to the more-than-20 other fleets to sue Pilot, the carriers are suing over counts of conversion and violation of the Racketeering, Influence and Corruption Organizations Act, unjust enrichment, deceptive trade practices and forms of conspiracy.

The companies are seeking payment for damages, punitive damages, treble damages, interest and attorney’s fees.

An Arkansas court ruled to settle class-action litigation against the company, in which Pilot agreed to repay money owed to members of the class along with 6 percent interest.

A judicial panel last week deferred other outstanding lawsuits to that ruling, too.

A court-appointed accountant will approve the amounts owed to Pilot customers. Class members have until Oct. 15 to opt out of the settlement, which would allow them to pursue their own lawsuit against the company.

  • No Reform

    RICO operation ?? Haslam should do Prison Time then??
    Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization…..
    Maybe NOT a great place to do business with??

  • No Reform

    This RICO operation is just where the unsuspecting Trucker/HardWorking American TRIES to purchase fuel. can you imagine how many OTHER crooks are RIPPING OFF the Working Man/Trucker???? CSA has the GUILTY till proven Innocent program where they SUCK money and demand Obediance to trumped up “rules”..they make up the rules as they go along….detain the driver…take his MONEY…these are only 2 places the Trucker/Working Man is BURNED…plenty of others as we all know….never do see a journalist report any of this stuff do we? Representation for TRUCKERS RIGHTS??? We have ZERO.

  • Jean C Couture

    They like to force the pilot deal to trucking Co ..and in the fine print they deny they ever done nothing wrong and cap damages to 100 millions total ..I hope truckers will come forward and audit their records and file against pilot
    We like to help http://www.pilotflyingjclassaction.com

  • Jean C Couture

    Also if a New York trucking Co was a victim a like to see a Civil Martin filed that one is worst then Civil Rico

  • No Reform

    Haslam and his Brother the Governor of the PEOPLE of Tennessee….outright STEALING from AMERICANS.
    ..then when questioned by the FBI..they LIE…and pretend they are INNOCENT…..cheating, thieving lying Parasites…Total CROOK is Gov. of Tennessee.

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