Sleep apnea bill clears House, awaits Senate approval

| September 26, 2013

apneaThe bill that would prevent the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration from solely issuing guidance relative to sleep disorder/apnea screening of truck drivers passed in the House 405-0 Thursday, Sept. 26.

The so-called sleep apnea bill was introduced just two weeks ago in the House, and requires that if FMCSA takes action on sleep disorder screening, it do so via the formal rulemaking process. 

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The Senate introduced its version of the bill this week, too, and it has been referred to the Senate’s transportation committee. 

Rep. Larry Buschon (R-Md.), one of the bill’s sponsors, said in a letter to colleagues earlier this month that FMCSA-issued guidance would “sidestep a thorough analysis of the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea among truck” drivers and not allow the bill to be properly evaluated by industry stakeholders and regulators, especially considering it’s projected to cost the for-hire industry roughly $1 billion a year, the letter said. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a statement after the House had introduced its version of the bill, saying it would use the formal rulemaking process after “collecting and analyzing the necessary data and research.” 

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the American Trucking Associations support the legislation. 



  • guest

    If a guy has to wear that ignorant mask he should be in a hospital…..looks pretty weird…..maybe for his own health he should stay home….the pay is crap today anyway he isnt missing a damn thing….may as well work at Jack in the Box.

  • haha

    This’s so true for Truck driver……
    That why is there a shortage worker for this industry…..

  • EF McHenry

    450-0? Why not a bill to halt the ongoing rulemarking efforts of the FMCSA?? I don’t believe for 1sec that any of these congressmen even know what they vote for! This proves nothing! And contrary to what’s being reported about the bill somehow to be a benefit to the driver, I say BS! It does nothing to help the driver! It simply paves the way for the FMCSA to comfortable rule make as was always the plan! Like a staged game, this bill just nudges FMCSA to just get to it with the appears of making everything appear adversarial and controversial.
    I’m convinced guidance would hsve caused real controversy and litigation in the long run and forestalled a formal rule for many years, possibly even til the next decade it at all. The payoff to the main players in the congress and senate is crystal clear!! And the herd mentality of the rest of them is nauseating!! Corporation in America are the new modern day mobsters! And their slick lobbyist gain them rules they seek with the force of law buttressed behind it in thousands of pages in the halls of govt. Corporations are
    a)Centrally Planned, top Down!
    b)Collective in nature
    c)Are like private govts
    d)Monopolistic and TEND AGAINST COMPETITION! Acquisition and Merger are their play.
    e)They concentrate Power & Control!

    This is not La

  • MercenaryMan

    This shows support for us, and agreement that these rules are too costly, write and email and call your legislature in the Senate and tell them, this is ridiculous Support Roy Blunts bill S1537…..UNLESS YOU TOO WANT TO WEAR THAT MASK

  • EF McHenry

    Laissez faire!! Laissez Faire is non-govt interference.
    Today Republicans except Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are ALL, ALL FRAUDS!! And todays Democrats except people like Dennis Kucinich and Elizabeth Warren are NOT PROGRESSIVES!! They are all a bunch of CORPORATIST!! PERIOD!
    We will never have another guy like RON PAUL!! NEVER

  • MercenaryMan

    So drivers must get involved and be part of this rulemaking, and oppose this mandate, oppose its implementation and its abuse, the stygma of overweight drivers being unsafe is false, and wrong,

  • Dave

    If you do not know anything about sleep apnea you should not comment! I have C pap machine in my truck because I need it to get a good night sleep. When you grow up you might also need the mask!

  • M.j. Zuzich

    Amazing how they can fool around all year in the House but still have time to screw with a workingman -or woman. Yessir, that’s GOP leadership at work there by golly! I’ll just about bet they got time left for some more corporate tax cuts.

  • EF McHenry

    MercenaryMan I’v agreed with 90% of what you’ve said but on this one I must disagree. If the cost argument would work, it would’ve drowned the EOBR rule/rule making. It didn’t! Also I’m always suspicious of anything the ATA is for. I’m usually in agreement with all of what OOIDA is for. But every now n then I do sratch my head on, say 1%. Anyway keep up the fight regardless. But if there was any great threat to a drivers career we are looking at it right here! Unfortunately I literally don’t enough time to research and formulate good arguments to really tear it apart. If there are those out there behind the wheel capable I encourage every single person to fight this thing. Have a good day

  • MercenaryMan

    Its why truckers need to buy there own congressman, and put a voting block behind him, and get him on the transportation committee, the medical board, the Highway funding chair….Im not a big fan of any Politician but if this is the new way we make laws, we BUY them, then we need to get involved with our pocketbooks….Im with you on the rulemaking, its not the end its a delaying tactic, but if we can get a few of these congresmen/women on our side maybe we can muck up the waters just enough, and stop the RUBBER STAMP thats already got most of us paying more and making less.

  • jb

    is this for local truckmen (150mile radius)or over the road?if there is no driver’s how are trucks going to deliver goods?

  • andrea hart

    I agree that if you don’t know anything about a Cpap machine then you shouldn’t comment until you have all the facts! That “ignorant mask” saved my husband’s life and he is a better person because of it! Educate yourself!

  • andrea hart

    Yes we do! His son!

  • andrea hart

    Ask our socialist president! It could be why we are getting drivers from other countries in here. I’m sure you’ve seen them.

  • Bigwheel

    How long is the power supply last on those machine

  • Paul Haller

    Follow the money trail,, who will be making all the money from this latest farce?? Haller

  • Craig Vecellio

    It requires external power. So on the upside, if you get prescribed one of those, your carrier would be required by ADA to install a sizable power inverter. I used to deliver and service those in people’s homes.

  • Bigwheel

    I am the carrier so I will have to buy a generator too or is Obama going to buy all this extra expense because I am paying for a lot with rates going down or do I need to go on welfare.

  • Craig Vecellio

    i think putting everyone on welfare is his main plan.

  • EF McHenry


  • eddy

    It’s no secret Warren Buffett is Obamas buddy and he owns a big railroad. What’d everyone think this was all about? Term limits,
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