Speed limiter rule coming? DOT report says yes, and could be this year

| March 13, 2014

truck-highwayJoining an already full trucking regulatory docket this year could be a rule that requires trucks to use speed limiters, though what the limited speed may be isn’t known.

This according to the Department of Transportation’s monthly report on significant rulemakings, which says the rule could be published Oct. 1.


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The rule would join a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration agenda that already includes an e-log/recorder mandate, the drug and alcohol clearinghouse, a driver coercion rule and the CSA-related Safety Fitness Determination rule.

Per the DOT report issued this week, the rulemaking is being done in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and was spurred by petitions from the American Trucking Associations and Roadsafe America, who asked the agency to require speed limiters in trucks with a GVWR of more than 26,000 pounds.

Following NHTSA request for public comment on the ATA and Roadsafe petitions, the agency received “thousands of comments supporting the petition’s request,” according to the DOT report.

The rule, says FMCSA, “would decrease the estimated 1,115 fatal crashes” each year involving trucks that would be subject to the speed limiter rule.


Judge: Speed limiters are unsafe, violate rights

Speed limiters are unsafe, arbitrary and violate the principles of justice according to a recent precedent-setting ruling by an Ontario trial judge.

“We believe this rule would have a minimal cost, as all heavy trucks already have these devices installed, although some vehicles do not have the limit set,” the DOT report reads.

FMCSA and NHTSA could have the rule to the Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx’s office for approval as early as May 21, according to the DOT report, and the rule could make to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget by June 26, with a projected clearance date of Sept. 25. At the meeting of the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee in early February, FMCSA Associate Administor for Policy Larry Minor noted a limiters rule publication would necessarily “look for comment on whether this will need to be retroactive,” he said, or whether it would require retrofit of older equipment or apply only to new trucks. 

After the forecasted Oct. 1 publication date, a 60-day comment period could be expected to last through Dec. 1, according to the DOT report.

The DOT projections, however, are subject to change.

In a legal case dealing with speed limiters in 2012, a judge ruled limiters are unsafe and violate rights. –Todd Dills contributed to this report. 

  • Mike Beck

    All the people in Washington think trucks casuse every person killed on the road!!! IT IS BS!!

  • Arline Bennett

    very low visibility and a slick road surface, because of blowing snow caused this wreck 4 wheelers panic and there you go Driver trys to avoid hitting the 4 wheeler and all hell breaks lose with the trucks behind in the pack.

  • Randall Springer

    I drive through Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC on a daily basis, and all truck accidents happen in a 55 and 60 mph zone, sooooo what speed are they talking about lowering us to? I love how they throw out numbers and not give the full statistic as to what was the speed limit in the area’s of the accidents, not to mention was it actually the truck’s fault or the other vehicle. Prime example in Knoxville, TN a bus crossed the center median, heading into oncoming traffic, crashed into a SUV and a rig killing 8. The bus had a blow out, and that caused the accident, so was the truck at fault, or was the 8 dead recorded just to make a point.

  • truck owner

    You must have been born ingnorant or a brain washed company driver

  • brutalford

    No interstates should be trucks on. Interstates were created for interstate commerce not useless assholes. US routes need to be cars only then we will see how many issues we have.

  • brutalford

    The ata needs to be boycotted along with any other groups created by government lobbyist. We need real representation, not liberal communist. Life is about being differant not the same. If we were all the same there would be no push to be better, or more drive to accel. Instead they pass laws that cripple drivers, not companies that support ata. Ata is built by trucking company ceo’s and presidents…how is that good for drivers..Like lets look at fedex no one is talking about that wreck in cali anymore even though they are always speeding and drive all over the road. But they can get away with anything. Ata member..why are the big companies like swift, werner still in business after so many crashes and bad decisions and yet they were awarded a safe company by ata..?? Heres a quote by the president of swift in 08 when a driver just hired left terminal and killed a mother and her two kids
    “checking driver licenses is not our responsibility”
    they found 2 other mexican drivers with same licenses at swift. Im not picking on swift they may be a good company, it just seems that this country is so lost i dont believe we will ever get what we were promised. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    but wait theres another one the right to face our accusers. So therefor we need real representation we need a trucker owned, trucker ran law office and support system to sue ata and any other liars till they no longer exist and show that we can be civil in a modern society and also that we will not back down..

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  • Mark Douglas Putnam

    its time to stop over rue making and get to doing Americas business moving freight its not the speed or electronic logs or sleep apnea or exercise its the damn cars and there total disregard to safety and trucking schools who are not teaching the new drivers what they need to if you keep passing more laws on truckers pretty soon all of the enjoyment of the job is gone then it becomes a boring routine like the 9 to 5 jobs I love what I do and I take pride in moving this country but I don’t take pride in the over reaching of politician’s on my lively hood

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  • helmethead

    Hell They want Speed Limiters How about we give them Speed Limiters,and Just Stop all the Trucks. Quit listening to OOIDA the ATA and all the rest of the ones in cahoots with this government bullshit.We Keep sending everyone money to protect our rights and they are using it against us. Time to Go Home for a Week Or So

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    Please just say “NO” to drugs before your brain shrinks anymore!

  • Donald Rich

    Because they don’t all have the same
    Weight. Not all roads are flat. It’s called
    The law of gravity.

  • Scott Freeman

    Well we all know that the government dose not have the working class best interest at heart. They are truly wanting a 100 percent control of the transportation industry that put them in a better possion of control. People need to wake up this, there is much more to this and it is not in the public best interest. They have lost sight on the Constitution an our civil liberties. If we and or families would pull together and not in so many directions we could control out comes of elections and then maybe they would allow us to step in and fix the problems and no longer allow people into the department of transportation that have no clue in what they are doing because they do not have the transportation industies best interest on there mind, it is about control they are scared of the industry. We need to let these people know we can remove them from goverment at the voting booth. There is a saying you can not put anything in a cup that is aready full and you can not fix stupited and this is what we are up against so why do we allow them stay in office when we have the power to remove them, do not kid yourself there is enough of use to do this.

  • justin thyme

    Interstates were made for rapid military equipment movement. Using them for commerce is just a perk. Do your homework.

  • nick

    You are not going the same speed that’s just it.new tires verses old tires is just one example. You can’t set your cruise control because the truck in front of you is slower.then if they set the speed to say 68 mph you have some set at 66 as a co.reg.not you have slow trucks in 2 or 3 lanes.now you have automobile drivers like your self backed up for. Miles and mad at the trucks .

  • cml

    if they just outlaw recaps, there be less blowouts. leave the drivers trucks alone.

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