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What’s your California strategy?

| March 07, 2013

Seen this sticker for sale out there? Tell me where: tdills [at]

Seen this sticker for sale out there? Tell me where: tdills [at]

Overdrive reader Jackie Wormley recently shared the picture at right on Facebook — though she remains unsure of its provenance, the sentiment the sticker expresses is one she’s certain she agrees with. She’s joined the owner-operators who are doing everything they can, she says, to protect the long investment they’ve made in their older equipment by “trying to find different things to do” so they “don’t have to go to California.”

Since I wrote about Cali-based Martin Jez and his 1988 Peterbilt cabover several weeks back (good in the Golden State through 2015, though some newer models have already required expensive upgrades), I’ve heard more and more such stories, here and via Overdrive‘s Facebook page. Mark W. Arnold, for instance, commenting on the recently repealed Warner Robins, Ga., parking restriction on Facebook, noted he didn’t mind the restriction: “Run your town the way you see fit,” he said, “and I will run my trucking company the way I see fit. I have banned California, New York City, New Jersey, Iowa (because they didn’t like tinted windows) and plenty of others because they didn’t care if I brought them their product or not.”

If they’re not out there already, I’d bet the market  for these stickers would thrive should someone go the mass-production route.

Jackie Wormley's 2001 Freightliner FLDOwner-operator Wormley, whose 2001 Freightliner FLD and 2003 Hyundai dry van are pictured here, agrees. “Maybe I’ll talk to my graphics guy in Texas and see if he can work something up,” she says. “Any good vinyl shop ought to be able to do it. Maybe we can make a market for them.”

If she was running into California today, the only way to do it legally would be with an aftermarket DPF installed. She’s worked hard and put no small amount of time and money into her equipment — including an in-frame and Pittsburgh Power performance turbo, power box and manifold for her Detroit Series 60 engine as well as a performance muffler and FASS fuel system — to extend its life as well as boost fuel mileage. How about this for results:  “I’m a little lower in the winter,” she says, “around 7.79-mpg for fuel mileage – last summer I was pushing 9 mpg” with an 8.8 mpg average over the warmer months.

Leased to Landstar, Wormley’s dedicated Iowa-to-Montana run keeps her loaded with no more than 15,000 lbs. in the box, which helps. But all told, if you were getting that kind of mileage and had no major problems, would you want to make changes that might well reverse the trend?


You’ll find California powertrain upgrade/replacement requirements and associated schedules, among other resoruces, via this post.

  • Terry Massey

    I too , deleted the left coast from my cab card. They can’t meet my standards.

  • Kerry Mullins

    No west coast states for this O/O. No new truck either. When they outlaw my truck I’ll hang up the keys.

  • kaltruck

    I certainly didn’t lose any thing in California. It’s on the way to Alaska any way and I don’t want to be there when it happens.

  • jj mcclure

    screw CA

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    They won’t let me bring my 1975 Peterbilt out there.

    Something about dangerous diesel particulate particles that my truck is supposedly spewing out everywhere I go which are killing & maiming good citizens across this fine country? Funny I’ve never owned anything newer than a 1985 model truck but I eat, sleep, drive, & have worked on these same trucks for forty plus years. According to Californian authorities I may drop dead at any moment! Could it be they got their facts wrong?

  • bSmith

    California legal and still won’t go strickly on principal

  • Lee Saurdiff

    Give California back to Mexico and we will all be happy

  • Godfearingrebel

    Ive got an ’85 359 pete that i put an n14 red top in. Im getting 7.62 miles to the gallon if i keep it under 62 mph. A dpf would drop it to maybe 5.62? I guess burning that much more fuel, Causing 23% more fuel-sucking ships to cross the ocean, and 23% more fuel trucks to keep the truck stops supplied is better for the envierment? It wasnt hard for me to knock the west coast off my cab card anyway.

  • Pure Carbon

    California has screwed us alll!!! They should be there own country!!!

  • mousekiller

    I swore off Ca but until 2014 I can go .I do not do the NE. too darned expensive. I get good loads to and from CA now and again. . It is not just the pollution crap I am concerned about but the left of center leos that write tickets that they think the law should be. I had my engine overhauled and by govt mandate the CARB and EPA pollution programing was put in the ‘ECM. It cost me 2+ MPG. Is this how it is supposed to be. ? I don’t think so. Retirement is looking better and better.

  • dotdoctor

    CA is hurting and it is further “endangering” itself. You can’t afford to do business in that state. I think CA is beautiful but it is not a place I want my truck to be. The rules have gone on steroids and it is insane. If you are not CA based; no reason to service that area. Even the big boys had trucks only for CA and plenty marked NO CA on them because they couldn’t afford all the crazy rules either.

  • mousekiller

    Come Jan 2014 California is in for a surprise. When the trucks they have banned with outrageous demands are no longer bringing in or taking out product ,the state is going to wonder what happened and feel the pinch. Lots of business are going to suffer and then and only then are the business’ going to do something about it. Too late now Bucko . They are ignoring the mass exodus that is going on now and the closing of the doors of thousands of business . Raise taxes is their motto. Hopefully other states will learn from this fiasco in CA and realize that with out trucks they are all hungry, homeless and naked. Of course it is going to be the truckers fault. We get blamed for everything including the bad weather.

  • Mike Smith

    They are there own country, some kinda bizzare crap hole; Mexico/Mexican plus OTHER 3rd world savages. A state now run by women, homosexuals, and the Mexicans like the L.A. mayor, the Villadagrossout.

  • Sharon Estes

    No, we in Northern California wish WE were our own state. It’s the liberals, movie stars, etc. who own this state. We don’t believe as they do and when we vote against something they just have it overturned. We are being held hostage because So. Cal gets their water from us. Yeah, I wish we could go somewhere else better.
    Problem is, I don’t think that place exists anymore.

  • Earl Harris

    California is still on my cab car for this year, but I have turned down good paying loads to the state because it turns my stomach to there. I wonder if Arizona might put up a sign at the border that says “WARNING! You are now entering occupied (or enemy) territory!”

  • Curtis Littrell

    whats a california???

  • 2WildT

    It’s simple refuse to take any thing into or out of the place. The folks living there will have to stand up to their republic and take it back and become part of the country again, I hear tummies rumbling! Florida oranges sure do taste good. Love them Georgia peaches too. Can’t forget the corn bread, catfish, grits, you name we got it going on on the east coast. Now if we could only do something about the traffic and every state wanting to toll every road in the country that’s already been paid for…..hmmmm another issue another day. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.