Warner Robins ordinance repealed!

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Updated Nov 30, 2015

At the fuel islandGood news and a win for truckers in Warner Robins, Ga.! The parking ban for big trucks voted in Tuesday, Feb. 19, was voted out this Monday, March 4. Mayor Chuck Shaheen was pleased to call and give me the news personally. “We made an initial decision based on the information we had,” he said, then: “We got better information and made a better decision.”

While plans for a public parking area are still in the works, rescinding the parking ban gives truckers instant relief and assurance that Warner Robins does indeed want them in their city, delivering goods.

“You tell the truckers the welcome mat is out and the lights are on!” Shaheen said.

Your city just told the truckers that by listening and trying to understand their needs. Thank you, Warner Robins, and thank you Mayor Shaheen.

I’m excited by this development. I think we can get other cities to listen to us if we show Warner Robins that truckers can come in and park without leaving pee bottles laying around and dropping trailers for days at a time. This leaves future relations with the city totally in our court — we’re in charge for once.

So don’t screw it up.

Seriously, I’m not making a plea because it’s my home town, but because it’s time to clean it up out there. Those parking lots you (and I’m only talking to the “yous” who actually do this — I know most people are decent and don’t have to be told other folks don’t want to see, smell or have to clean up their pee, but apparently there are also more than a few who were raised in caves) leave your gallons of bodily waste in are my lawn, because I live in a truck half the time and I have to walk through said lots to get to food and other necessary items and I’m sick of looking at your mess. I’m also going to call you out if I ever see you leaving trucker bombs on my lawn, because I’m a redneck like that and I’ll probably get shanked to death in a Memphis parking lot one day, but that’s how I roll. Really, cut it out and if you see someone else doing it, tell them to cut it out, too.

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