Cargo theft, tractor-trailer theft down in second quarter

| July 27, 2017

CargoNet reports cargo thefts and trucking vehicle thefts were down year-over-year in 2017’s second quarter.

Cargo theft and truck and trailer theft were down in 2017’s second quarter when compared to the same time period in 2016, according to a second quarter cargo theft report from theft recording firm CargoNet.

The firm reports 110 tractors and 109 trailers were stolen during the quarter in the U.S. and Canada. When compared to 2016’s second quarter, tractor theft was down 17 percent and trailer theft was down 29 percent.

There were approximately 150 cargo theft reports recorded by CargoNet during the quarter, which was 79 fewer than last year’s second quarter. The total loss value of this year’s thefts was $17.2 million, down from $35.1 million the previous year. The average loss value for this year’s thefts was $202,774.

CargoNet: First quarter cargo thefts totaled $28.7M in losses

CargoNet: First quarter cargo thefts totaled $28.7M in losses

Of the 192 cargo thefts recorded in the quarter, 51 of them were in California, leading all states. Behind California was Ontario, Canada, displacing Texas ...

Food and beverage commodities were the most stolen during the time period, followed closely by household goods thefts. Warehouses were the most common location for thefts in the quarter, followed by unsecured truck yards.

California reported the most cargo thefts in the quarter, but reports were down 53 percent in the state when compared to a year ago. Texas followed California, but similarly, thefts were down 51 percent.

CargoNet warns that even though cargo theft and trucking vehicle theft shrank in the last 12 months, the trucking industry needs to keep its guard up because it says thefts are likely to increase again.

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