Clarification: EPA’s clearance for Calif. enforcement of aero device regs applies to trucks, too

| August 12, 2014

As noted in Overdrive‘s Aug. 11 coverage of the EPA’s grant of permission to California to enforce its greenhouse gas regulations, the California Air Resources Board may now enforce its rules requiring certain aerodynamic add-ons or other devices that improve fuel economy and, hence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


CARB can enforce rule requiring aero add-ons to trailers, EPA says

CARB has been granted permission by the federal government to enforce its requirement that trailers in the state be equipped with certain EPA-verified aerodynamic equipment. ...

The Aug. 11 story, however, only says the EPA’s ruling applies to 2011 and later model trailers. 

The EPA’s ruling also clears CARB to enforce similar requirements on 2011-2013 year-model tractors with integrated sleepers.

CARB’s greenhouse gas rule, which went into effect January of 2010, required the use of EPA SmartWay-verified tires and other SmartWay-verified equipment on all new trucks and trailers. 

However, CARB had not been enforcing the rule because the EPA’s Clean Air Act had preempted the state rules. In June 2013, CARB asked for a waiver of that preemption, and the EPA granted the waiver last week, clearing the way for CARB to enforce the rule on 2011-2013 year-model trucks and 2011 and later trailers. 

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