Cummins unveils new truck, engine for Chinese market

| April 08, 2014
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The Foton Auman GTL was produced in a collaborative effort between Cummins and Chinese truck maker Foton. It’s powered by Cummins new ISG engine, which was developed exclusively for the Chinese market. Innovations from the engine, however, could make their way to Cummins’ North American line. 

Cummins unveiled April 8, along side Chinese truck maker Foton, a new truck and a new engine developed for the Chinese market. 

The two companies introduced the new Foton Auman GTL and its corresponding ISG diesel engine at Cummins’ Columbus, Ind., headquarters, where cummins’ Jerl Purcell, director of development of the engine, said some of its innovations could come to North American engines. 

The new Cummins ISG diesel engine

The new Cummins ISG diesel engine

Features like fewer engine components — the ISG cuts components by 50 percent compared to current Cummins models — and a integrated engine brake with 50 percent more braking power, highlight the features that could come to future Cummins engine developments for the U.S. 

The ISG also has a a new XPI high-pressure fuel injection system that provides multiple injection events per cycle to boost engine efficiency and decrease noise. The engine also is equipped with load-based speed control that allows the engine lower-rpm shifting to boost fuel economy. An integrated cooling, lube and air-flow system eliminate pressure loss and boost engine performance. 

The engine will come in six-cylinder, 11- and 12-liter displacements. 

The development of the ISG is a turning point for Cummins in how it handles developing markets like India, Russia and China, as the engine was built from the ground up for the Chinese market. 

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