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New vid from and’s Tex Crowley

| May 24, 2014

You may well recall last year’s owner-operator vid profile of Ean Hannah shot and produced by Tex Crowley when it made the rounds of our Editor’s Pick box (memorable quote: “I’ll truck til the day I die”) — if not catch it below, the first in Crowley’s well-made “Life of a Trucker” series. I’ve also embedded Crowley’s most recent installment as well. “Palerider” tells the story of how the hauler of the title got to his current owner-operator status, and what trucking has meant for his family. 

You can find Crowley via, the site he launched to feature drivers’ YouTube channels, as well as his own Find the full “Life of a Trucker” series via his YouTube channel. 

[youtube y2QCnwD6vp8 nolink]

[youtube fJdNjMzY1LA nolink]

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