Owner-operators’ 2016: Miles up, income down

| March 20, 2017

To compensate for cheap rates, owner-operators drove more miles in 2016. But their paychecks still dipped from 2015.

Leased and independent owner-operators saw their incomes dip in 2016 compared to the year prior, according ATBS, the nation’s largest owner-operator business services firm.

Leased operators netted on average $59,699 and independent operators earned $60,577. In 2015, independents earned $63,375 and leased owner-operators averaged $61,167.

“Owner-operators were truly stuck in neutral in 2016,” says ATBS President and CEO Todd Amen. “They worked harder to make almost as much money.”

Freight and trucker pay should get a boost in 2017, analyst says

Freight and trucker pay should get a boost in 2017, analyst says

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Despite the drop in take-home pay, owner-operators had to drive more miles to earn what they did in 2016 because rates were softer. Operators spent less on fuel per mile in 2016, which helped net income, but those savings were offset by cheaper rates, says Amen.

Flatbedders fared the best in 2016, averaging $63,959 in net income. However, that figure is well below 2015’s $70,464.

Reefer haulers fared the worst, averaging $52,274 in 2016. Van haulers earned $60,424 in 2016, according to ATBS figures.

In 2015, reefer haulers took home $52,782, and van haulers netted $60,557.

Trucker pay has plummeted in the last 30 years, analyst says

Here's how much truck operators would have made on average last year had trucker pay kept up with inflation since 1980.

Owner-operators’ miles driven rose slightly in 2016 to an average of 99,318 for independents and 110,740 for leased operators.

Gross revenue fell, however, to $140,697 for independents and $142,545 for leased owner-operators. Revenue in 2015 was $145,109 for independents, $147,666 for leased owner-operators.

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