Pay and play: ’03 Western Star works in the summer, tours in the winter

| February 13, 2014

Bill Kolias


Striped work horse: Arkansas owner-op's 2006 Pete 379

Striped work horse: Arkansas owner-op’s 2006 Pete 379

When owner-operator Hughes Morin purchased his 2006 379 Peterbilt, the truck was solid red, so he created a silver and red striped paint scheme to ...

Owner-operator Bill Kolias’ 2003 Western Star works hard during the summer, towing throughout New Hampshire. When cool weather arrives, Kolias, his wife and grandson take the truck and camper to Florida for the winter. When designing the paint job, Kolias wanted the graphics to flow from the truck to the fifth wheel as one piece. “It’s really a head-turner,” he says.

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