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Max Heine

Sonic rises to the occasion in serving truckers

| April 25, 2013

You get enough abuse on the road, so it’s always nice when someone goes out of the way to accommodate you.


No pie in the sky idea here: This Sonic ordering stall is raised to accommodate truckers and bus drivers.

The Sonic Drive-In in Valliant, Okla., has done just that by building an ordering stall 3 feet higher than normal so that drivers of trucks and buses can order with ease from their seat. It’s the first one in Sonic’s chain of 3,500 units.

There’s also a circular drive path that enables easier navigation on and off the roadway.

“We probably have more than 20 trucks pull into this stall every day,” says owner Tommy Dorries. “We’ve even fed entire ball teams pulling through on their buses.”

Valliant is a tiny town in southeast Oklahoma, roughly between Dallas and Little Rock. So if you happen to be passing through on U.S. 70 and craving some of those great fried onion rings, rich milk shakes or other Sonic treats, keep your eye out.

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