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Another voice on the hours of service: Owner-operator Tom Quinton

| November 30, 2013

It’s been a raucous couple weeks on the site here, plenty of thoughts and notions to chew on, particularly with regard to the hours of service — from a lively discussion (with more than 50 comments and counting) about the potential of hourly pay in long-haul trucking under James Jaillet’s report on the second half of the Thursday, Nov. 21, hours of service session to continuing notes of  I wrote about where hourly pay does and will in future most likely apply to owner-operator business — in detention time — in a two-part series a couple weeks back. If you missed it, find Part 1 here. 


Owner-operator testifies to Congress on damaging effects of new hours provisions

Owner-operator Tilden Curl testified before Congress this week to say the new rules have cost him thousands of dollars a month and do little to ...

In that story, National Transportation Institute principal Gordon Klemp made note of the wide interest in hourly pay his firm, which publishes the National Survey of Driver Wages tracking W2 and 1099 income of drivers and owner-operators at various fleet, has received in recent times. There are, however, not many examples in the long-haul irregular-route trucking that has been the domain of most owner-operators for years.


Attention to detention: Solutions to the problem of uncompensated time, part 1

Everyone in the supply chain benefits from uncompensated detention time – except the driver. Some see a shift toward hourly pay as a solution; other ...

That, however, is changing, as the Short and Sweet feature series earlier this year made clear — length of haul on average is down industry-wide, and hub-and-spoke-type and relay systems for hauls of many types are back on the rise. I won’t rehash it all here, but it’s all to say that there are many forces at work on the dynamics of the business going forward, and the hours of service rule and its restart restrictions, as well as the mandated 30-minute break, are foregrounding the problem of, simply, time. Time enough to get the work done in the day allotted to do it. 

Owner-operator Tom Quinton

Owner-operator Tom Quinton

That’s the chief problem Tom Quinton has seen with the new U.S. hours rule. We caught up with Quinton on a run back home from Florida in part to load a vintage 1980 Harley he picked up to add to his collection. In the video below, in addition to showing off the bike just a bit, he makes clear the drag the hours rule puts drive time, simply put.

Tom quinton harleyLike Tilden Curl, whose testimony led our story on the House Small Business Committee hearing, Quinton’s traditionally been a very early riser. Curl mentioned starting the day typically at 4 a.m. The requirement in the new hours rule of  that any 34-hour restart include two 1-5 a.m. puts those drivers back on the recap almost exclusively, without a schedule change. And to paraphrase one of our recent commenters, that reduces operational flexibility down the line — what you’re able to do today is predicated on what you did seven days ago, a maddening reality. 

In any case, here’s that vid — nice bike, right? Here’s hoping those home for the holiday have enjoyed it — and those out on the road have made money safely. Anybody catch the Thanksgiving buffet at Sam’s in Fairfield, Texas, by chance? 

  • theoldguy

    illegal drivers now than ever before no likes these stupid rules that people in a office think is better listen to the working drivers and owner’s .


    I hate the fact that I’m forced to take a half hour lunch break when I only work 8 hours.

  • guest

    3.5 hours per week (30min break) all for FREE as Usual..just add THAT Donated time to the Donated Detention time..all hundreds of miles from home and family….pretty SAD state of affairs…would anybody contest that????

  • guest

    What a rediculous Old Time Job with ineffective rules and crappy pay..who could take this industry seriously? Plain to see why driver turnover is 106% annually…and rising…these new guys get a Look at this Joke…and head for Home.

  • guest

    Its Bureacracy like the MILLIONS being canceled because of Obama Care…their stories are exactly like trucking…Red Tape as far as the eye can see…oh gee wewill “look into YOUR problem”…a Trucker will get Violated for an “infraction” of IDIOTIC “rules” he will be Horsed around by the Government Cop…then try to APPEAL…another Time Consuming bureacratic nightmare….of course his Company will TERMINATE his employment…then BASH him on his DAC FILE…..Government MAZE of Tyranny……reading the plight of Millions having their medical insurance CANCELED already…Finished….now trying to appeal..and of course if the EVER get ONLINE to ObamaCare..the NEW insurance wont cover a DAMN thing and will be Much more expensive.
    This is EXACTLY what a trucker faces when fighting the Government about CSA “violations”…..Notice the INSURANCE COMPANIES will Gouge and Steal and Cancel to MAXIMIZE PROFITS…and NOT be held accountable….Trucking Companies will FIRE a driver for ANY reason..then DESTROY him on the DAC File….try to fight Them….or DAC??? Years of expensive court proceedings…..The trucker is destroyed by these RULES and has NO recourse if hes has”Violated”one of the Precious Rules…who BENEFITS??? Insurance Companies who LOBBY for these “RULES”.

  • g

    We all NEED babysittig…goo goo….have ur warm milk and cookies…..Government Knows Best!!
    OBEY!! CONFORM!! COMPLY! The trucker NEEDS to be ordered around like a CHILD…..

  • guest

    Insurance Companies Lobby for these ignorant rules….Electo Logs, Cameras…leaving NOTHING to chance!!! MONITOR these Outlaw truckers…Hair Folicle Samples…..Armies of CSA COPS on your back 24 hours of the day….Total Dominion….break the back and spirit of the Trucker…Dominate….order him to OBEY!! Insurance companies stand to PROFIT….follow the money trail. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.