Brake failure! What to do when your rig won’t stop

As the finale to the 10 Worst Case Trucking Scenarios infographic, there’s maybe the scariest scenario of them all — braking failure in your truck. 

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So what should you do if suddenly you find yourself without the ability to effectively stop your truck? Below are the tips, but click here to see the entire infographic, which includes posts on how to handle an in-cab heart attack, underwater submersion, a truck hijack, choking, bee sting and more. 


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  • alibaba

    I thought maxie brakes came on automatically when you pulled the red button. Maybe this guy is driving an old vacuum brake job.

  • Daniel Kupke

    At that point those maxe brakes are not going to do anything but ignight the wheels ??!!

  • alibaba

    Hey Daniel if you are going so fast that the wheels are going to ignite the wheels no matter what you do your up shits creek. You better find one to cool off.

  • lilycat

    The foundation part of the braking system is the regular part of the braking system in any post FMVSS dual air brake system.
    the parking or emergency part ( the red knob?) (and the red glad hand) requires air pressure to even release the brakes! lose air pressure and wham- your brakes are applied full pressure by a HUGE spring~ strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.