Hijacked! What to do when your rig’s been taken over

Hijackings represent only a small portion of the cargo thefts reported each year, but it’s still wise to know how to handle an assailant should he climb into your cab and take you hostage.

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Overdrive began exploring the Worst Case Trucking Scenarios this week to offer a bit of guidance — and entertainment — for some of the worst possible situations a trucker can stumble upon, ranging from natural disasters, like tornadoes, to health issues, like heart attacks.

The fourth installment in the series picks up here: A crazed bandit has you at bay and has your rig under his control. What should you do? Here are some pointers:


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  • C-Boy

    Choot em Liz!

  • Outsidelookinggrin

    Nope here are the key and do you need some fuel, I do not think the president of any trucking company is up at night worrying about a driver’s (pay) safety.

  • TWade

    Is your load worth your life? Maybe what you have on as a load would be the determination if you should fight or flee. Would you want to be known as the driver that died fighting for a load of hazmat or explosives knowing that it could be used as a means of mass destruction? Or the driver that died for a load of beer?

  • No Reform

    Sure the driver CANT Protect or Defend himself with
    a Handgun….not allowed in interstate trucks in most in cases….You will be stopped some night in some unfamiliar location on this 30 minute “break”….and may very well face this situation…since you will be a TARGET…criminals are aware of this Nifty new LAW….they see you park off to the shoulder somewhere and then they ROB/Hijack you. The LAWS say Driver can NOT carry a handgun..and driver MUST stop the rig for 30 Minutes..sound like fun?

  • No Reform

    All these “LAWS” are really an invitation to criminals.
    Hey Im parked for a Mandatory 30 minutes…Rob Me!

  • Slider

    Don”t be a idoit!! Plan your stop somewhere safe. While moving you always have control of where you stop.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Thats the reason i only run the south east , I never go any were with out my frend my Russian frend Mr Makarov , I sleep with it in my hand with one in the hole , even at home lol .

  • Outsidelookinggrin

    Hold on No Reform and my other brothers still complaining about the new HOS rules, again the big companies wanted it they have just as much pull in Congress as any other industry with Lobbyist wake up. What to they care you will eat the cost of the new HOS rules and pay will decrease further appx .002 CPM, I ain’t packing no weapon on the 30 minute break, protect freight or otherwise call your insurance company and do not bother. I saw two fools about to shot each other at a fuel pump are you serious? Frankly with what the industry is ALLOWED to pay I will be in a well lighted truck stop during the NEW, SURPRISE 30 minutes spending billions on candy, eating that tell me it is really “Pizza” without a care in the world until Mickie D calls me. We spend billions on candy bars and that thing called Pizza but belly ache about new HOS effecting our pay.

  • Kenneth Arp

    If a load was hazmat or explosives being highjacked. The Highjackers will just kill you and take the truck if they wan’t it bad enough. If you can, run Forrest Run!!!!

  • Kenneth Arp

    Have to say you sound paranoid. Like scared and with your fear, you may act unresponsibley.

  • martymarsh

    Apples or bananas, which are you talking about, the new rules suck and pizza is just another food you eat when you are hungry. I missed your comparison completely.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    No fear at all ! just habit even when i put it down it is in reach in the dark i can have it i the time it takes to grab it it is allways left side down so as i pick it up my thum pulls down the safty and it is ready to go , And i have had police see it in TX and Louisiana in the truck , the last time was less than a year ago entering a Port in texas when they asked to look in the cab as the other port cop checked my TWIX he left the bag un zipped were it was and sead not a thing about it , And no i dont have a permit it texas it is not needed if the pistol is not carryed on your person in a car or truck ,however it can not be in plane view . back in the early 80s i used to run the north east , i used to stop on the state line going into MASS late at night piss on the ground and fire a few quick shots at the big sign saying a year in jail for carrying a pistol lol

  • JJMclure

    There is no law that saw you can’t have a weapon in interstate trucks…only company policies

  • Dave

    The load you can have. The truck you can not. Touching me you can not. Our these will touch you and their unforgiving. Thats whats wrong with this country. Knowbody is willing to stand up and fight for whats theirs. You wouldn’t know that,by all the bullshit on the CB. Superheroes there. For 15mins anyway. Then you hear, “I AIN’T GOING INTO BROOKLYN OR EAST L.A., CHICAGO. TO MANY STREET GANGS THERE.” If i thank its a terrorist thing. Till death. Bullets will fly. But, thats my background.

  • godfearingrebel

    Haha. Good to know america has such brave people wandering around. There aint much to you, is there, kenny? Haha. Im sorry for being such an ignorant, backwards redneck but if i knew my load was going to be used for the destruction of my fellow americans “note i didnt say country” i would go down using everything at my disposal. Thats not being a hero. Thats your duty.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    thats right !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Its not about the cargo or what they might do with it . it’s about being dised its personal , I well fight to the death for my Pride and honor

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I dont like or go into the places you speek of not because thugs or gangs , I dont go because of there screwed up laws and there police ,

  • carl rainey

    Slider, due to unforseen traffic situations and other unpredictables one cannot control location when clock dings mandatory break. Great case against the rule.

  • Craig Hansen

    Just try hi jacking me. The last two bums are thinking about it right now in the federal pen. I carry (legally), never fired it as a defense but just showing the nearly 1/2 inch hole in the business end of a 1911 .45 caliber has been enough. If your state won’t allow carry then guess what….you won’t see me there. I will not perpetrate evil on another person but I will not tolerate evil perpetrated on me by anyone either. The best defense is always a strong offence. To those of you who say “give them what they want” …criminals don’t want a witness. So I would think you just became the unwanted witness, Do you really think a criminal cares about laws against murder when they have already has shown they don’t mind chancing the feds by hi jacking. If you give them what they want it will be your life….dumbass.

  • Tina

    in states that have gun laws you can carry a gun. I have been DOT with mine and it was ok in Texas.

  • duck

    no reform, it doesn’t say anywhere in the fmcsa laws that you can’t have a gun in the truck, as long as you transport it in a legal manner. (cased or concealed by permit)

  • oneflbiker

    There is no law prohibiting you from having a gun in your truck.

  • mousekiller

    Two things Kenneth.

    1. why is he paranoid if he is prepared for the worst ?

    2. Would you still consider him paranoid if he happened use his weapon to stop you from being robbed or killed ?.

    I just don’t understand people that go through life so unprepared and fault others that do so. People that act un responsibly are those that cause accidents.

  • mousekiller

    Sorry to correct you JJ. It is STATE laws and company policies. NO Federal law prevents it. You just missed one. Get your CC permit and your good in more than 30 states. I do not run NE any more and in Jan no CA.

  • mousekiller

    If I thought for one second it was going to be used to kill innocents, Yes I would give my life trying to prevent. it.
    I took an oath when I put on the uniform in 1957 and that oath has never changed. I WILL defend this country at all costs.

  • Kenneth Arp

    I have ran all over the USA in every state. I’ve never had to have a gun nor been messed with to need one. Been feeding America since 1989. Guess God has been good to me. Sleeping with a gun and worry about being robbed can play tricks to when owning a gun and gives you a sense of fear to use it. That is why I said that. Many mistakes can happen when you feel protected because you have a gun.

  • mousekiller

    Tell us how do you find a safe place that you won’t get shot, knifed, robbed.? In reality there is no such place including your own home.

    So find a safe place to park a truck in today’s environment in trucking is ludicrous.

    We do the best we can. You can’t get a truck in to every place we would like to.
    Many customers will not allow you to stay over night. Rest areas are dubious safe places at best and nearly always full early. Truck stops are a haven for muggings and hood removal. Wal-Mart stores are kicking trucks out due the small percentage of inconsiderate drivers leaving trash and other mementos behind.

    Years ago I carried 2 guns in the truck with me many times.

    When in a questionable location I carried one in my hip pocket and one in my boot. Yes!! I used one more than once to defend myself from harm. Killed them ? NO, but changed their appearance and attitude somewhat.. There is no reason we can’t defend our selves with the same tool the bad guys use to try take what is ours. I will never take knife to a gun fight. Never have Never will.

    Remember It is my right as a citizen of this country to use the 2nd amendment in my ability to defend and protect myself, my family and others in need.

  • mousekiller

    Kenneth. I see by your posts you know nothing about high value, explosive and other high risk freight movement and safe transportation of many kinds of freight..
    First of all . Those of us that do move it are trained in observation,

    We are trained in how to spot those that may have intentions other than good.

    We have been trained in techniques to avert the threat. .

    I understand your responses due to your lack of knowledge of hauling these classes of freight. There are other things at our disposal I can’t mention but rest assured we are ready. Just thought I would enlighten you a bit.

  • Kenneth Arp

    Well if your like transporting dangerous cargo and you need to be armed or of high value freight. Even Armor Cars have guards and guns. I just haul foods as in general freight valued 100,000 or less. Reefer and Dry. Perhaps you should have mentioned the freight your hauling needs to be secured and guarded. But us general carriers must not have much worry about the shit we haul and don’t have to sleep with a gun in our hands. It’s not a matter of argument.

  • Chuck Guintard


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