Legal pot: Still a no go for truckers

| January 03, 2014

marijuanaAs Overdrive reported in December 2012, despite state initiatives in Washington and Colorado to legalize selling, buying, owning and using of marijuana for recreational use, the Department of Transportation still prohibits the use of marijuana by truck drivers. 


Hot button: Call a truce with marijuana?

More than 60 percent of Overdrive readers favored some form of marijuana-use legalization or decriminalization, with a majority reflecting three current state ballot initiatives beyond ...

Per a DOT announcement then, the department’s medical review officers “will not verify a drug test as negative based upon learning that the employee used ‘recreational marijuana’ when states have passed ‘recreational marijuana’ initiatives.

Likewise for marijuana used for medicinal purposes, the announcement said. 

But with Colorado’s legal pot sales beginning this week, we thought it a good a time as any to take a look at previous coverage related to marijuana on Overdrive, including analysis on what legal pot could mean for trucking, what science says about driving while stoned and what Overdrive readers think about legal pot: 

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Hot button: Call a truce with marijuana?

  • Stormy

    Just one more case of the government not being able to see past their nose. This will have to affect any company that does drug testing. They may as well do away with testing . A lot of attorneys can get rich and fill the courts with lawsuits on this one.

    I certainly understand people not being thrilled about “high flying” truck drivers but I’m not any more thrilled with sharing the road with “high flying” drivers, of any vehicle.

    I guess we can just hope the tax dollars make it all worth it for the government At least that will be one tax that I don’t have to worry about paying or it increasing.

  • Kerri Ramirez

    This makes no sense. Alcohol is legal it doesn’t mean you can drink and drive. So of coarse its a no go for truckers!

  • mrbtrans

    What a bunch of BS! they tried to stop beer and whiskey and that did not work due to lost revenue. You can drink but can’t smoke even when it’s now Legal,Never woke up with a hangover from a dubby! And people think we are free? Just another way for the feds to collect tax money and to hell with your rights to be free!

  • mrbtrans

    If more people would take a break and have a Dubby and relax maybe some would not be so stressed out they go back to work and shoot there boss!

  • James

    How about making it legal to smoke dope and drive your truck,with the provision that if you get in ANY kind of an accident you get charged with maybe 2000 cases of “Reckless Endangerment” (conservatively representing the other drivers on the highway in your proximity while you were driving stoned who “could have been killed by your accident”)? Even if you sleep awhile after that j,the effects stay in your system long enough to put you Out Of Service for a day. Yeah-let’s try THAT. Maybe that first little “incident” will make you grow up a little. In the meantime,smoke another j,and stay out of Mom’s car!

  • Big Dave

    If a trucker is driving drunk, stoned, or under any other intoxicant they are held responsible if involved in an accident. If I can drink while at home I should be able to smoke weed if I want to. Personal responsibility belongs to every Driver. If you need a law to be responsible please stay home and reevaluate yourself.

  • together we accomplish

    If you are in that much pain that you to be high, then you shouldn’t be driving a rig. all government workers should be drug tested too. including elected offcials.

  • PC

    3 hours after you smoke Cannabis you are sober and the effects are not present. How about you get your facts straight before you post stupid statements in your comment!

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    I bet us senators and congressmen , mayors etc will not be exempt funny how they can run a country while getting stoned at home or at the lavish party’s tax payers pay for, But a truck driver that choses to do so is breaking the law, F&#K he US Government and all of it’s employees. I wish it would crumble and they would all be underneath it.

  • James

    Okay-you’re the dope expert,not me,but I’m sure the authorities use the hair test to track your dope smoking for the prior month for just that reason. How do you know you’re good to drive again after 3 hours? Is that from experience,or can you show us a “study” that proves it? That’s the same logic alcoholics use to justify driving home after getting a few drinks in ’em. “Okay-I waited my 4 hours-now I can drive again.” Not necessarily. Legally,possibly,but who really knows? The only person who can really tell if he’s too wasted to drive,could very well be too wasted to decide he can’t drive. Not everyone responds the same way to mind altering drugs,OR alcohol-some don’t even feel any effects,some feel them for hours. If you want to talk about stupid,how about this. It’s STUPID to smoke dope If you drive for a living,and that one little test CAN get you fired,get your CDL pulled and get you a police record even if you haven’t smoked for 3 HOURS,or for a MONTH! But if you’re willing to fight THAT hard for the “right” to get stoned before you go to work or while at work,there are lots of re-hab programs that can help you wean yourself off that crutch. Try THAT-your career’s probably worth more than that.

  • Steve

    They are not going to do away with testing. In fact I see them migrating to hair follicle testing as it is more accurate and can find drug use up to a year in the past.

    But I do believe that we need to legalize or at least decriminalize drugs. Hospitals are the place for drug offenders, not prisons. Here in Texas 52% of our prisons are filled with non violent drug offenders. Which leaves less room for real criminals. And those with a problem don’t get treated, they just get punished, so they come out just as addicted as they went in. Thus still not working and paying taxes.

    Business is best for regulating drug use. Most places now require a drug test for employment. Whether transportation related or otherwise. Few employers are looking for employees that are not motivated, and possibly judgement impaired because of drug use.

    So that will keep the drug use in check.

  • MercenaryMan

    Well said. Common senses tells the ordinary person you cant drink a twelve pack for breakfast, or smoke a joint, but the drug acts differently in all people, still Id rather a man come to work clean and sober, if he wants to do that after work and can present himself as clean and sober to work the next day etc…Some people believe it acts as a depressant, some as a stimulant, but I agree with legal pot laws drug testing goes out the window, what if a driver delivers to Colorado, and in the course of his day he comes across a park and decides to relax or spend the evening, and then Pot is smoked all around him, 2nd hand smoking is going to effect this testing….but if the mans safety record is spotless and hes a valued employee and has shown an exemplary attitude towards his work and family, but he uses pot….is he less valuable, less trustworthy, ….off work a person should be able to do what they want if it doesnt affect his at work performance or safety. Its gonna cause some bluury legal lines….Coffee, Cigarettes, 5 Hour Energy drinks, Caffinated sugary drinks are all drugs and stimulants….If we need laws to make us responsible and safe, to make you a dependable and safe if you dont have the will power or drive, well stay home…

  • MercenaryMan

    Pot, Or THC has been proven to be one of the best, if not the best treatment for Arthritis, its mediates it and treats it and hepls prevent it, FACT, the issue is the facts about POT use are garned for many from Old wives tales or movies like Reefer Madness they were shown in School. HEMP will create new industrys and medicines once the states see the TAX REVENUE generated by its sale in CO.WA this will be legalized all over. Check the facts and leave the old propoganda behind…


  • PC

    ^Same guy as b4 but can’t log in :/ Okay chill!! I’m not endorsing nor do I condone smoking pot and driving. All I am saying is that you stated stupidly false comments. Yes it is true that after a month it would still come up, but, alcohol and cannabis are a huge difference when driving. Alcohol blurs your vision, physically hampers your driving ability, and makes you ignorant/unaware of the road/conditions. Cannabis does not blur your vision, the next one is a split (depending on the strain and how your body reacts to different varieties it can either bring your physic up or hamper your physic), and lastly the majority of cannabis makes your more aware and alert. There, there is some education for this stupidly ignorant society towards cannabis. Again do not want or condone getting stoned to drive. Remember everyone, the best way to enjoy is to do it at home in private!

  • Calvin fakename smith

    seriously?!?! DOT is full of old people who have never even experienced it and probably had TONS of domestic violence cases back in their day from being drunk and sloppy and they got away scotch free… now that their excitement of youth is over… they have no problem saying no to a plant that affects you in no way when it comes to waking up the next morning, or becoming so addicted you have to hide it… it is illegal in most states yes, BUT most people hardly hide it… they share it with one another!! I cant understand that you can legally turn your engine off and drink like a fish (6 beers, is drinking like a fish, no matter if your German or not ;p)… and then you can wake up 6 hours later and be legally okay to drive… is this OKAY with any of you?!? any sane and well mannered person who can carry him or herself will tell you that this act of laziness by the DOT’s legal writers of the regulations IS NOT OKAY! and it shouldn’t be with you… I guess it just goes to show everyone, the greedy and lazy consumers writing these rules and regulations will ALWAYS fuck up a REVOLUTION… and by the way the same people writing these rules were more than likely the people who were exposed to Woodstock and the drugs people provided… once again fuck you DOT and your lazy way of not branching off according to the different states that say marijuana is COMPLETELY SIDE BY SIDE LEGAL with alcohol….

  • Keith Olson

    why anyone would think that smoking pot and driving a big truck would be ok is just lost!!!! would you even come close to thinking you could? just because its legal in colorado? come on ya have to smarter than a 5th grader…… my god……

  • Vedad Grozdanic

    Whoever at the DOT supports the without-exception, no marijuana in a truck driver’s system whatsoever policy, is a degenerate.

    If a truck driver has a day off, then he or she should be allowed to smoke marijuana, and only be allowed to drive a certain number of hours after consumption (say, 5 or 6 hours). You degenerate, DOT CUNTS. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.