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Speed limiters, liability insurance hike rules see action, move closer to publication

| August 14, 2014

speed limiter 2Two federal trucking regulations moved a step closer to publication this month, according to a recent report from the Department of Transportation: A rule to require the use of speed limiters on trucks and a rule increasing the minimum insurance requirements for carriers both were sent to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation last week.

The DOT projects in its report that both rules will move from the OST to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget for final approval in early September.


Speed limiter rule coming? DOT report says yes, and could be this year

Joining an already full trucking regulatory docket this year could be a rule that requires trucks to use speed limiters, though what the limited speed ...

From there, both will go back to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for publication as Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, and each will have a multi-month public comment period before the agency produces final rules.

The agency’s speed limiter rule would require the installation and use of “governors,” or speed limiters, on trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds. The DOT nor FMCSA have said what the speed limit would be. The speed limiter rulemaking began with a petition for such by the American Trucking Associations and Roadsafe America.

The rule is projected to clear the OMB Dec. 8 and be published in the Federal Register Dec. 12. The DOT says it will have a 90-day public comment period.

The rule upping the minimum amount of liability insurance that trucking companies must carry came on the radar in April, and the agency has seemingly expedited work on it.


FMCSA: Current insurance minimums for carriers ‘inadequate,’ new rule coming

The current $750,000 minimum liability insurance required to be held by carriers is too low, said the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this week, and ...

It would up the minimum from $750,000, but FMCSA has not said what the new minimum would be. In an April report, however, FMCSA said that if the limit had kept up with inflation since being set in 1985, it would be $1.62 million.

The rule is expected to clear the OMB Sept. 19 and be published in the Federal Register Sept. 26, according to the DOT report.

It will have a 90-day public comment period ending Dec. 26.

The projected action dates for the agency’s Safety Fitness Determination rule — part of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program — have not changed, and the rule is still expected to be published Feb. 10, 2015, and have a 90-day public comment period ending in May.

The rule would allow the agency to produce a single score — a Safety Fitness Determination — for carriers based upon agency data similar to that used to produce CSA’s Safety Measurement System rankings.


MATS New Entrant listening session yields new ideas

Among voluminous thoughts on New Entrant testing, responding to commentary from owner-operator Michael Potwin Anne Ferro revealed that the agency's plan to downgrade adjudicated citations' ...

The agency would use the scores to prioritize carriers for intervention, it says.

Other rulemakings in the report include FMCSA’s work on a new entrant training and testing process, which does not have any projected action dates listed; a rule to make it easier for military members to obtain a CDL, projected for publication next May; and a rule to require Transportation Security Administration background checks on hazmat haulers, which has no projected action dates.

The agency’s rule to rescind the requirement to submit Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports when no defects have been found is still projected for publication in late October, according to the report. It was sent to the OMB July 29. OMB notes, however, project the rule to be published in November.

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  • guest

    Dang Right!! Speed Limiters for everyone! Level Playing Field….a governor on every truck…no exceptions…

  • FoxStar

    Whoa…I felt like I just read a scenario straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

  • Steven

    So easy to bypass ANY speedlimiter, unhook speedometer. Little two prong plug on tail shaft of transmission

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Then how would you keep track of mileage for fuel tax and your licence plates ? if you use a hubometer you well jumping out of the truck at every state line .

  • Barney

    Only if the 4 wheelers are limited too.

  • Gsxrrider

    Easy gps does all that for you

  • Ginny Lynn Stokes-Young Sherer

    Don’t they have enough wrecks with cars rear ending big trucks now? Are they trying to run all the drivers out of the industry? What a disaster this is going to be.

  • Douglas

    In working owner operator language, more off of our profit to run us out of business. Meanwhile big company’s will hire the dregs and still have wrecks. But they will get higher profits.

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  • Texas trucker

    Raise the price of freight so we drivers can make some money without have to starve. Raised fuel insurance and low freight pay then take away more. If the whole trucking industry would shut down for 24 hours it would cripple the government and the economy not to mention what the effects would be on the oil industry. Just saying. Haven’t had a false in 16 years and am at the top of industry standard. My money goes away a he’ll of a lot faster now. How this can even be worth the time and money it takes to run a truck is crazy. My friend made 326000 dollars in one truck for one year. Not bad til he had to replace a worn out truck. 138000 for the truck then all the legal work. Insurance 4500. 3.79 per gallon fuel. Upkeep. America wth! Ty

  • Thomas Perkins

    They have a plan for that bud, they have pushed for all companies to upgrade the bar by lowering it.
    They will get this law passed and drivers will shut the country down by simply going home.

  • Ron Diehl

    I’m hoping to have the truck sold by Christmas. I’m DONE after 6 years, no trickets, no accidents, and no FMCSA points. I have covered about 1.4 million miles. Have fun with your new toys for your trucks. I will never put a speed limiter or computer logs inside my truck. I am a professional and I will treated as such. I have better thing to do with my life then waste it inside of a truck and at truck stops making 30k to 45k.

  • Thomas Perkins

    The companies that have pushed for this are already paying drivers more but that won’t work and the reason why is because drivers are not stupid and thus the country will collapse and Obama will get the blame for all of this nonsense and will be impeachedbbut it won’t matter because hewwill still have plenty of money.
    I for one plan to leave the industry and start my own business in another sector of transportation where I can live in peace and continue to drive like normal people.
    Will pay less but at least I will continue breathing while many of you will surely die from falling asleep.
    IF you die it’s your own damn fault because you didn’t stand up for yourselves and if you do make more money as rates will surely go up you will simply give the extra money to the doctor to treat your backs and hemorrhoids and or stress.
    Either way you won’t win fellow drivers, you won’t win because it’s not ment for you to win it’s ment for you to stay broke and if you die so what that just means more freight for the mega carriers and the government will just cover up your death and or blame it on you as you lay in your casket because you fell asleep and you should have known better because you are or should I say were a professional driver before you died and yes you will not have anything left to leave your families because the lawyer for the four wheeler you hurt will sue you before the maggots get to you and take all you left behind.
    Why because these rich _________ (You fill in the blank) wanted to keep you down and they will surely succeed because you will be kept under the dirt for eternity.
    I have plans to attend as many funerals as I can and so don’t be surprised if I show up to see who you are and to hug your next of kin and shed a tear for you.
    It will be too late to stick together and trust me that will be an understatement….
    Let is bow our heads and pray for our country…

  • sthomas1957

    What good does a public comment period do? They’re going to go ahead and implement whatever ideas they want irrespective of what drivers themselves think about it.

  • brad

    another ploy by the ata to run owner operators out of business.they don’t want any of us left out there running and making a living hauling what we choose to haul..they want company drivers to deliver it for pennies a mile while they pocket all the profit.

  • David S. McQueen

    The insistence of some people to believe that crashes are caused by big trucks going the speed limit is simply empirical evidence that our federal government is stuck on “stupid”. FYI: anything like “speed limiters” is purely political pandering to the ignorant libs. Limiters will do NOTHING to make highways safer and will likely cause more crashes than they prevent.

  • Kevin Flick

    Why doesnt the members of ata hire drvers insteadif steering wheel holders and they wouldnt have to propose such bs laws

  • Dave

    Will park my truck if they force speed limiters on us. It’s my truck and they should never have so much power over us. It isn’t about controlling our speed it’s about taking total control over us. I pray ooida does something about and the ata (anti truckers association) lose

  • guest

    They always do…..

  • mark murphy

    inflayshyin…syines- inflation since…1985..wowe…ahnd th payscale/must be around th same………

  • James P. Lamb

    FMCSA mentioned this yesterday during our SBTC-FMCSA-FHWA meeting in DC. I just hope nobody files a comment that says they don’t like this rule because then they can’t speed. “We should able to speed and be free from enforcement” and “we should be able to forge paper logs rather than have e-logs in place that we can’t forge” is the best that we can say? Seriously, folks? We might as well just throw a tantrum and say “I want my ba ba.”…/uploads/2014/03/tantrumkid.jpg How childish, ridiculous and irresponsible does that look to the government and safety advocates? Enough with the “outlaw trucker” pride nonsense already! Show some responsibility, folks. Follow the law. If you don’t like the law, lobby to change it. Complaining because you can’t cheat anymore in the interest of “productivity” doesn’t cut it. Change is here. Get with the program.

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    All about 33% more money to line those lawyers pockets cause 33% of 1,620,000 looks better than 750,000 when suing truckers for fraudulent insurance claims. It has nothing to do with inadequate insurance again only a very small percentage of claims exceed the minimum any way like less than 1%. Just another way to steal from the independents they keep taking and taking anyway possible eventually is will come back to hurt this country you can only beat down and steal from someone so much until one day they decide that they have had enough I pray this day is in the very near future.

  • Jason Haggard

    I hope the FMCSA sees this when I say that I WILL disable any speed limiter placed in my truck. They are a safety hazard and not a saftey device.

  • norman ott

    This will only make passing more unsafe than it is now . What about states like Wyoming with 80 mph limit.

  • jojo

    If we Drivers outnumber the ATA and the safety advocates then one would think that We Drivers should have a say in this!!!

    Have you Drivers called your Congressmen and Senators?

    How many of you are members of OOIDA? Don’t you Drivers understand that OOIDA is fighting for ALL Drivers? Why is our membership only 150,000 members?

    I spoke with my Congressman face to face Thursday and we are now planning a meeting to include OOIDA. 150,000 members caught his attention!!!!!

    Three Ways to Send a Message
    1. Inform your Carrier that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7.
    By doing this, You have just told your carrier, the ATA and the shippers/receivers that things need to Change.
    2. You, Your Family and Friends NEED to Call your elected officials in DC.
    Inform them of your issues at 202-224-3121.
    It’s EASY and Fast!
    3. Go Home To VOTE! Federal Election Day is 11/4/14.

    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7. I’M MAKING SURE THAT MY VOICE IS GOING TO BE HEARD!!!

  • Dee

    Definitely..what’s the point of increasing the speed limit to the flow of traffic if we are going to be limited. Georgia just raised the strawberry patch (285) to 65 and passed a slow poke law that took effect in July to keep the flow of traffic moving.No one goes under 65 on the interstate .

  • Barney

    At what point do say enough regulation from Washington? Most of these politicians/safety advocates have no effin clue what they are talking about, nor have thought about the unintended consequeces of their actions. Most of the interstates in west are posted at least 75. If you have a differential speed between one type of vehicle and another that only encourages passing and other unsafe driving by the four wheelers. If you actually run the numbers most of the accidents between trucks and four wheelers are the four wheelers fault. It isn’t about crying about no enforcement, it is about safety except from the other side. You evidently can’t see that

  • Jack Simon

    That’s why they have the increased insurance requirements. Then we can pay for the loss of life as we are accused of impeding traffic as the reason for the person running into us.

  • Jack Simon

    gosh that’s great. Now we can all go down the highway in a line and occasionally one guy will be doing 66mph and take 10 miles to pass a couple of trucks and cause a huge traffic backup. Or perhaps one of the 4 wheelers will get impatient and lose track of where they are and forget to step on the brakes as he chats on his handheld phone and ram the car next to him and make the backup even worse.

    What a great plan. I wonder when they will limit the speed of the 4 wheelers?

  • Jack Simon

    the speed limiter is programmed in the computer and works off the gps as well as that little two prong plug.

  • Jack Simon

    How about the week of the 7th trough the 14th instead. That’s when they plan their next safety blitz. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they had their safety party and no-one came?

  • Jack Simon

    Are you aware that some states have speed limits in the 80 mph range? Most open areas (even in Illinois) have 70 mph in areas that are considered rural.

    We would like the same “rights” as the 4 wheelers that can go over 100 mph when there is no speed limit in the entire US that is that fast.

  • Jack Simon

    James is one of the people that want trucks to be slower.
    Look him up: Practitioner James P. Lamb President of & AIPBA Former DOT Investigator

  • Clumsy

    If they the government put something else on trucks you won’t b able to do that besides people start now calling you’re senators and congressman and start tellin them how it will hurt more than it will help get Bill Graves out of at ages the one pushing for this because his company ( maverick transport) already has there trucks cut down to 62 mph so fellow trucker please start callin you’re reps this is election year start now

  • jojo

    It is not my intent to protest the inspectors doing their jobs. We Drivers need to be allowed to do our jobs safely. We are not pawns for the ATA companies to manipulate so that they may attempt to control us all.
    We are not being listened to and there are laws to discourage us from organizing therefore we should fulfill our civic duties.
    If there were no trucks on the roadways 11/4/14 because the Drivers were casting their ballots………like I’ve said, there are more than one way to vote!
    We have three months left to spread the word!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    The only GPS in my truck is paper maps and my memory , and i still don’t see how that would work for a one truck operation ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    We charge 575.00 to run a load in town , sure we are the last ones they call , our out of town rates are higher than a camels ass to . our loads , houston to new orleans run around 2,200.00 , that is with a dry van , that is only if i drop and don’t have to wait for empties and unused product ( in tote tanks ) we charge 50.00 per hr after the first hr , and around 1,200,00 back to houston sure 80% of the time it is haz-mat I haul these loads tru a delivery service , i am not leased to them ,i get 70% of the gross the prices i just told you about are gross , My truck and trailer are payed for , both 1998 model year sure some weeks i only work a few days . take last week I only ran two loads in town about 6hr per day , my check was $805.00 ,the week before that 3827.73 the week before that one 3898.23 , 805.00 , 6,872.75 , So there there is money out here its just not hauling dry fright to the grocery warehouses . Find a niche and stick with it , let the mega carries haul the groceries !

  • eric

    Not true on all models. Freightliner for instance, goes on rpms of drive axles, not speedometer.

  • bates

    hhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahah you think your vote actually matters, thats cute

  • jojo

    Doing Nothing Accomplishes Nothing!

  • Mind Games

    Can you say fatigue and death? Can you say road rage and death? Can you say….. Strike???

  • Mind Games

    Most will go vote anyways and so that will not force change in the industry only a nationwide strike can do that.
    They have been corrupted to the core and nothing short of a Strike can force that to change as well.

  • Mind Games

    What do ya know a troll has popped up!

  • jojo

    I’m going home to vote 10/31/14 thru 11/7/14.
    If you and others want to go out on strike 10/31/14 thru 11/7/14 as a way of voting by action, that’s up to you!
    I’m only suggesting that you and others vote, one way or another.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    There is no GPS in my tractor Never well be , I know how to use maps .

  • James P. Lamb
  • James P. Lamb

    Looks like either you didn’t get the memo or your real name is Andrew Cuomo:

  • Jack Simon

    Yup, stupidity in every circle of trucking.

    tell me james, what is going to happen when trucks are limited to 55mph and they have one guy doing 54 and another doing 55 and trying to pass on a freeway with only two lanes going in one direction. Do you see a major traffic tieup with miles of cars waiting to get by since they are allowed to do 70? Then someone in the first 1/4 mile loses patience and does something stupid and there is a mile or so of crashed cars? What then, make the trucks slower?? Maybe ban them from the road during rush hour and make all trucks stay in the right lane and not pass.
    There are always unintended consequences for every law that is passed no matter the benevolence that is intended. Going slower is UNsafe.

  • Jack Simon

    Which is another DAM good reason to not join your group(s) to make rules to screw truckers. Why on earth would I pay your group money to join and then watch as you screw me and take away my ability to make a decent living?

  • Jack Simon

    Why not make it a rule that trucks can go as fast as the flow of traffic up to the point of the speed limit? Why not outlaw speed limiters that tie up traffic and keep us in the far right lane and cause accidents as 4 wheelers cut us off while hitting the off ramp at 70 mph?
    I can tell you have never driven a 65 MPH truck on a 75 mile road or driven in California where we are speed limited to 55 MPH in the desert where the cars are able to do 70 legally and frequently are doing 80 and the truck gets pulled over for doing 61 MPH.

    How about advocating for the truckers instead of trying to force us off the road because we can’t make a living, have a house and kids like the 9 to 5 workers that cause over 60% of the car truck accidents? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.