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Staring down CARB, learning from the best

| June 06, 2013

Steve and Doris Bixler and their 1989 Freightliner COEThe following came through from owner-operator Steve Bixler, part of a dry-bulk-hauling team with his wife, Doris, based in Pennsylvania (both Bixler’s pictured). It followed my Monday, June 3, post on what the motoring public could learn from their 18- and 2-wheeled counterparts. I’ve written about the Bixlers here and here and here in past. Yeah, he’s one of the good guys.

I just read your June 3 article online about learning from truck drivers. I would like to add my two cents and say again what I have been saying for more years then I care to remember. Before a learner’s permit is given to a new driver of any age, they should have to ride in a truck for 2 weeks, in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions. Before a police officer of any level receives his or her badge, they should have to ride in a truck for a month, and in order to become a DOT officer, the person should have to actually drive truck for a minimum of 6 months. 

What do you think?

Tom and Karen Moore, independent owner-operators

Tom and Karen Moore, independent owner-operators

CARB: No good choices
The flatbed-hauling independent owner-operator team of Tom and Karen Moore live in Bakersfield, Calif. Just 5 percent of their business’s total miles are run within the state’s borders, says Karen, and the very fact of their place of residence has them facing perhaps the toughest decision they’ve ever had to make relative to the business come yearend.

Their 1999 International 9400 tractor’s powertrain is overdue for an upgrade under the requirements of the California Air Resources Board’s Truck & Bus Rule.  “The choices,” says Tom, “are to buy a newer truck, and I don’t see how you can live in California and support the debt service on a brand-new truck as an owner-operator. The older [2007-08] trucks … that qualify for the hard requirements here in California have proven to be very, very undependable and extremely expensive to repair. The alternative is to spend $14,000-$15,000 to retrofit an older truck [with a diesel particulate filter] to stay in California. What you end up with is a $10,000 truck, and you put $14,000 into it and you still have a $10,000 truck. None of these alternatives at this point in time really make any sense to me.”

Tom is blunt about the overall prospects. “We’ll probably go out of business.”

Forced to make a choice, though, he says he’d “probably retrofit our truck…. The Cummins N14 was one of the great motors. We’re really on the fence right now. Whether or not we’re going to go forward, it kind of breaks our heart. We feel like our government is working against us.”

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  • AL Bianco

    It will take courage in any event,to stay in business,but there are options for the use of that courage. One is to adopt,on their own volition,a technology that may cost$7,500,and may insure a non-compliance fine,BUT will Clean up all his stack emissions,AND reduce his fuel consumption by up to 20%or MORE. There’s the Rub. Where should that courage be spent??That is Hydrogen “Catalyst” Technology,and available here in Calif.,with ZERO failure rate.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Your goverment is working against you ! How come you never got out of mexaforna ? sell you house and move to texas , you can buy a better house and still have money left over

  • Kurt Keilhofer

    I would add to the Bixler’s list, anyone who wants to be an architect should spend a summer with a truck driver, the folks that design buildings, shopping centers, etc. need to think about trucks being able to get in there.

  • wally

    We are in the same boat.

  • Jeff Baird

    I quit going to the Occupied State a year and a half back, there is plenty of good paying freight in the US without ever crossing into CA.

  • Jeff Baird

    They are doing that, but then they come here to TX. and vote for the same shit that they are running from CA. to get away from. Go Figure.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I came to texas in 1976 from the north east , and i am to the right of most of the people from Texas lol

  • al

    we all know it s a money thing but lisin up when you take 20 thousand truck s off the road small number and thay dont lic the truck ther going to loose a lot of money 3000 a year to lic one of them . find a carb company to deliver that mother f—– and see what the bill is years ago retro fit moters were in a feck that did nt last eather

  • Gary Johns

    They are working against us ,,, its time for all of us to start complaining to our local government in large numbers this means YOU reading this ,,, if we don’t things will get worse and will even put small single operations out of the biz so go ahead stand by and do nothing

  • 34kw

    I quit going to this stupid state years ago, and I make more money with way less hassle. This state has ruined itself and until the residents vote the bums out it will only get worse. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.