Reader: ‘We built our business one day at a time’

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The letters keep coming in on Overdrive Editorial Director Max Heine’s Pulse column in this month’s issue, “Who built your business?” Following the last reaction from Massachusetts-based Jim Mesthene, calling Heine’s column a “screed against government,” owner-operator Steve Bixler had other thoughts.  


Steveand Doris BixlerI want to commend you and thank you for the article, “Who Built Your Business” in the September Overdrive. If Obama, or any other Washington politician, had to endure what we as owner-operators have to endure, with the cost of doing business being what it is, from high fuel, over-regulation, and way to many taxes to  low freight rates and many days or weeks at a time away from home, they would fail miserably. If I had a whole room full of advisors, not to mention aids, Congress and Senate, to do my work for me while I make public appearances to talk about what a great job I am doing, my business would look pretty sweet too.

I guess the whole irony of it is that even though my wife and I are on the road for days or weeks at a time, and have to spend three or four days just catching up when we get home, we still run a successful business and home that does look pretty sweet. So Max, my hat is off to you, and yes, we built our business, one day at a time. –Steve and Doris Bixler, Valley View, Pa.