Connectivity for leisure: Facebook rules non-work Web use


2014 Internet Use Study stories

Both in the listed responses for favorite non-work website and the most-accessed app and site from mobile devices, Facebook is king, as the social networking site is listed with great regularity in the favorite website list. 

Nearly 50 percent of respondents in Overdrive‘s survey reported using Facebook (47 percent), with more than 95 percent of those who reported using Facebook saying they have a personal Facebook account.

Nearly 65 percent of those who reported using Facebook say they use it daily, and nearly a quarter (23 percent) say they access Facebook several times per day. Almost 10 percent say they access it constantly.

News and entertainment site Yahoo had a strong showing in the listed responses, and some games like Solitaire and Angry Birds are listed, too.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu earned a few responses, while shopping sites like Amazon and Walmart also made the list.

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