Hill recognizes driver milestones

Overdrive Staff | November 05, 2013

Hill Brothers Transportation has recognized 34 company drivers and owner-operators who earned a Safe Driving Award for the second quarter of 2013.

The award recipients include:

Company Drivers

Robert W. Felthauser Jr., of Omaha, NE, 1 Year Award 

Duane A. Kendall, of Mendota, IL, 1 Year Award 

Daniel G. Twitchell, of Aurora, CO, 1 Year Award 

Paul W. Brooks, of  Lincoln, NE, 100,000 Mile Award 

John D. Hinners, of Thornton, CO, 100,000 Mile Award 

Christopher P. Howdle, of Omaha, NE, 100,000 Mile Award 

Timothy R. Sanders, of  Pueblo, CO, 100,000  Mile Award 

Roberta J. Smith, of Buckeye, AZ, 100,000 Mile Award 

James M. Johnson, of Omaha, NE, 2 Year Award 

Richard D. Anderson, of Springfield, MO, 250,000 Mile Award 

Patsy A. Deppe, of Sand Springs, OK, 250,000 Mile Award
James M. Miller, of Germantown, TN, 250,000 Mile Award

Steven W. Owen, of  Albuquerque, NM, 250,000 Mile Award 

Quinten L. Rogers, of Cedar Hill, TX, 250,000 Mile Award 

Charles L. Shimer, of Council Bluffs, IA, 250,000 Mile Award 

Christopher M. Watie, of Luther, OK, 250,000 Mile Award

Hugo Vazquez, of Omaha, NE, 3 Year Award 

Johnny L. Brown, of Oklahoma City, OK, 750,000 Mile Award 

Lawrence H. O’Keefe, of Omaha, NE, 5 Year Award 

Owner Operators

Michele L. Beers, of Omaha, NE,100,000  Mile Award       

Clifford W. Bookout, of Lonoke, AR, 100,000  Mile Award       

Selena K. Horn, of La Vista, NE, 100,000  Mile Award       

Buford E. Meyers, of Colorado Springs, CO, 100,000  Mile Award      

Carson E. Watkins, of Omaha, NE, 100,000  Mile Award      

Dalmiro E. Centeño, of   Omaha, NE, 250,000  Mile Award     

Thomas S. Kay, of Omaha, NE, 250,000  Mile Award      

William B. Scheferkort, of Aurora, CO, 250,000  Mile Award  

Robert A. Thomas, of Bolivar, MO, 250,000  Mile Award       

Daniel B. Suggs, of Colorado Springs, CO, 500,000  Mile Award     

Willie C. Thomas, of Cordova, TN, 500,000  Mile Award 

Jim R. Townsend, of Springfield, MO, 500,000  Mile Award          

Bobby W. Elliott Jr., of Overland Park, KS, 750,000  Mile Award       

Robert J. Pauley, of Omaha, NE, 750,000  Mile Award      

Edward E. Hesterberg Jr., of Firth, NE, 1,250,000  Mile Award      

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