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Carolyn Magner

Single again!

| February 07, 2011

Dear Carolyn

I’m recently single and having a hard time getting back into the dating scene. My main problem is that when I tell a woman that I’m a trucker, she gets that look on her face. You know the one. Like when you step in dog excrement? That look! I own my truck, have a million safe miles, all kinds of driving awards and am a clean-cut, not bad looking guy. What am I supposed to do? Lie and say I’m a neurosurgeon?

I read all the women who write to you complaining that there are no good guys out there. I’m a good guy but I can’t seem to get past the bad trucker image.

What do you think?


Dear Steve,

I think you are meeting the wrong gals. Seriously. You need to go fishing in another pond. I agree, truckers get a bad rap in the media and there are lots of misconceptions out there. But a woman shallow enough to dismiss you based on the fact that you drive a truck says absolutely nothing about you but lots about her.

I’m just say’n,


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