Engage.Bid tool can be effective for small carriers working large-shipper RFPs

Devliering the ability to "price with conviction" is the goal of the tool, released by TMW last year -- it enables carriers to pull shipper RFPs' lane-by-lane requests for rate bids into a proprietary module and apply analysis tools. Then output bids quickly back to RFP lane files, speeding up the process.

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Interesting approach to accessorials for Uber Freight app users

It's not exactly common when dealing with a broker that accessorials like truck-ordered-not-used, detention and the like are up-front accessible and available to anyone -- or guaranteed should situations arise that cause them to come into play. How does $200 + $2/mile deadhead on a canceled load sound?

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Carrier survey shows temperature heating up on detention negotiation

Transport Capital Partners' fourth-quarter industry survey showed 43 percent of carriers large and small felt they would be able to renegotiate detention in contracts with customers in the next quarter.

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