A little piece of trucking history

Wendy unearths a 1935 Ohio chauffers' license pin while assisting an estate sale in Dayton.

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Pete and Repeat were sitting on a wall…

"The more we travel, the more I get used to being a long way from home yet knowing exactly what's around the bend" -- and George gets used to repeated road sign sing-alongs...

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Would the professional drivers please raise hands?

At a fueling station in Dayton, Ohio, Kevin Burch, President of the Jet Express truck line, saw a decal (pictured) on the side of a flatbed as he was fueling. The message, "This truck helps build homes for our troops," was on a flatbed in the operation of a Volvo Rents delivery fleet. Burch took a picture of it, thinking he might use it as an example in an upcoming discussion he was participating in ...

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