health care reform

Insurance services group urges preparation for health reform

Company sees similarities to how industry prepared for CSA.

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Tune in tonight!

It's going on a year since I chatted with Daniel Audet of Truckstar Radio for my Truckers News "Exit Only" piece about TruckStar Radio, his online radio show. Audet, formerly a hotshot boat hauler and industry blogger, is still going strong with TruckStar, and tonight I'll visit with him on his show to talk about my August Overdrive story about the new PreExisting Condition Insurance Plan, one of the first pieces of the health-care-reform-bill puzzle ...

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‘Truck’ front and center in MA Senate victory

National media, at the behest of the candidate/soon-to-be-senator himself, are putting a GMC Canyon pickup at the center of his (some say) upset victory over the Democrat running against him for Senator Edward Kennedy's former Senate seat in Massachusetts. If polls we conducted in August and December are any indication, it's appropriate that a truck (if, admittedly, only a pickup) should be responsible for putting in ever more murky light the possibility of health ...

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