‘Truck’ front and center in MA Senate victory

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National media, at the behest of the candidate/soon-to-be-senator himself, are putting a GMC Canyon pickup at the center of his (some say) upset victory over the Democrat running against him for Senator Edward Kennedy’s former Senate seat in Massachusetts. If eTrucker.com polls we conducted in August and December are any indication, it’s appropriate that a truck (if, admittedly, only a pickup) should be responsible for putting in ever more murky light the possibility of health care reform legislation coming to fruition: 70 percent of driver respondents opposed the Congress’ health-care efforts.

With Republican Scott Brown’s victory behind the wheel of the 200,000-plus-mile pickup, Senate democrats lose the 60-vote supermajority they’d previously enjoyed there, making passage of the Senate version of the health-care bill as it now stands that much more unlikely.

Some mainstream-media commentators, including Robin Young of the National Public Radio program Here & Now, have noted the seeming contradiction between the workingman’s persona Scott Brown’s use of his pickup as a central part of his campaign imparted and the reality of his life’s situation: he’s a reportedly practicing real estate lawyer married to a Boston news anchor, with a high-dollar home and all else that that entails. He’s been serving in the state legislature in Massachusetts since the 1990s. Oh politics. . .