Mark pryor

What you may not know about the EOBR bill

Since I reported on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's attempts to gain new regulatory authority over interstate drivers relative to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program's now-internal Driver Safety Measurement System last summer, new wrinkles have emerged in Senate bill S.1950. This bill caused an uproar over the fact that it would, among other things, mandate electronic onboard recorders for hours of service compliance for virtually all interstate carriers. But, as they say, the lead ...

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Say ____ to electronic logs

Outside of leased owner-operators reacting to strong encouragement, for lack of a better phrase, from their lessor fleets, I've yet to actually speak to an owner-operator who's voluntarily adopted an electronic logging platform that conforms to the federal definition of an EOBR, i.e. essentially an electronic logging system that is tethered to the engine's electronic control module. Not to say he/she doesn't exist (if you qualify: be in touch), of course, but when manufacturers of ...

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