onboard electronic monitoring

FMCSA says it’s addressing cross-border program concerns

The audit reported the agency had adequate border inspections, but more action is necessary to meet U.S. regulations and standards.

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FMCSA plans driver onboard monitoring study

The agency plans to have 500 CMV drivers participate in a questionnaire.

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FMCSA may schedule March hours-of-service session

The head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said in future years, the agency may consider driver safety ratings in its Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 program and could have a fifth hours-of-service listening session next month. In a Feb. 5 speech to the Mid-West Truckers Association Annual Convention, FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro said CSA uses driver violation data to help target interventions with carriers using unsafe drivers. “We are not at this time proposing to ...

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