Trucker Buddy partners with PeopleNet to provide yearly scholarships

| August 23, 2013


Trucker Buddy International announced at the Great American Trucking Show Aug. 23 it has partnered with telematics company PeopleNet to offer scholarships to six high school graduates each year to use for either college or trade school.

The scholarships will be $1,000 each. Three will be awarded to the children or dependents of teachers who are part of the Trucker Buddy program and three scholarships will be awarded to children or dependents of truckers in the program.

Trucker Buddy Executive Director Randy Schwartzenburg at the Dallas-based GATS also received grants from the Iowa 80 Truckstop, BP, CAT Scale and the Go Iowa Fund.

Below is Iowa 80 Groups’s Heather Debaillie talking about the donations:

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