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Video: What to expect as ELD mandate takes effect

| December 14, 2017

The rough road to the electronic logging device mandate is close to an end, though it may get more bumpy from here. 

Interviews with enforcement officials indicate the preparedness of inspectors for handling ELD data could vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

In the final days before the mandate’s effective date of Dec. 18, thousands of non-exempt owner-operators and fleets were saying they had not yet installed a compliant system, as reported by various polls. On the enforcement side, interviews with officials indicate the preparedness of inspectors could vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. A big part of that involves how smoothly inspectors can download logging data from dozens of different systems, and just how lenient most will or won’t be when it comes to potentially writing citations with associated fines for not having an ELD operable in the first few months after the mandate.

Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills, who has extensively covered this regulatory niche for years, in the video below gives a brief overview of what to expect during these initial weeks and months of enforcement.

For more detailed information on every aspect of the ELD implementation, including a comparison of costs and other features of most every system on the market, visit Overdrive’s ELD archives.

In-depth features about making the switch, what to expect from enforcement, potential issues related to cybersecurity, intrastate mandate delays and more can be found in the Overdrive E-Log Shift series archives.

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