New logging app/dispatching platform seeded by Google Ventures

| December 12, 2013
The app is currently available in a free download for Android-powered devices. Click through the image to download. (Version for the iPhone/iPad coming soon.)

The app is currently available in a free download for Android-powered devices. Click through the image to download. (Follow this text link for the iOS version.)

On its face, the KeepTruckin smartphone / tablet-based logs and dispatching app looks somewhat familiar among the crowded market for such software — Big Road, uDrove, XRS and several others already offer software that is built around similar functionality. This one sets itself apart in a couple ways — both dispatching and computer-assisted logging functionality come free of charge, with messaging, log auditing, and load-tracking functionality similar to Trucker Tools’ Load Track function, among others. The back-office dispatch function is geared through a web-based application and managed by login, potentially convenient for small-fleet owner-operators who serve both driver and dispatcher roles. Data is stored in the KeepTruckin cloud. 

KeepTruckin two-phone shot“Drivers can log in to and they can download their logs at any time,” says KeepTruckin CEO Shoaib Makani. “And a driver can send their logs to anyone (including themselves) via e-mail or fax.”  

And: this is a Silicon Valley creation — trucking software meets, er, Google.

“Google Ventures is our lead investor,” says Makani. “We have assembled an incredible team of engineers and product designers to help make the lives of America’s truckers easier.” 


BigRoad logging app on iPhone

The company's owner-operator/fleet version, available at $15 per month, likewise added IFTA functionality with state mile reporting.

The firm has big plans for further development of offerings for fleets, drivers, owner-operators and dispatchers in future. Among those mentioned in a fact sheet sent out to press: low-cost freight factoring, automated brokerage, dynamically priced insurance. “KeepTruckin’s first premium service is being developed now and will be released in Q2,” reads the sheet. 


Load by phone: Legacy boards add access tools

Owner-operator access to Internet-based load boards continues to streamline with many operators now using smartphones to access one or another of industry-leading online freight resources. ...

As goes the potential to use the app’s service to satisfy the electronic log mandate many are expecting to hit proposed-rule stage by the end of the year, that’s not in the cards as yet. For now, KeepTruckin is a computer-assisted log, not a fully functional EOBR/ELD (which traditionally has required tethering to the truck’s systems, among other functionality). But, Makani says, “We are following the rulemaking closely. If/when the regulation is final, KeepTruckin will give fleets the tools they need to be compliant with all regulation.”

Interested drivers with Android devices can try out the app via this link. If you have an iPhone or iPad, use this link. To sign up to try the dispatching service, visit 

Drop us a comment here to tell us what you think if you do. 


Following find a promo vid for the KeepTruckin app that outlines the basics of the logging functions. 

  • Jason

    one question, i read this report about log books being accessible via “Smartphones”, does it cover all “Smartphones” or just “Android” powered “Smartphones”?

  • Todd Dills

    This app, Jason, is available on Android phones/tablets as well as iPhones/iPads. Others have different specs, of course.

  • Rikk

    You didn’t answer Jasons question, Is this app available for Blackberry’s ?

  • Ralph Ferguson

    Just downloaded. I can’t find a short-haul exemption. I also like the Inspection report button on Big Road, I don’t see that. Will keep looking and will keep on the phone, maybe these are soon-to-come updates. Will not rate until I’ve played around with it more, but I think it has great possibilities.

  • Ralph

    Looks like just Android and Iphone at this time. Go to the website for more info,

  • Robert Kellar

    You need to also make it available for the Windows tablets. There are more and more out there. I’ve been using my Windows tablet for over a year now with much success for mapping and Big Road.

  • Sam M

    Ralph –

    The short haul exemption is coming soon.

    Inspection reports are already supported. On the main screen where you see multiple days listed, click ‘New Inspection’ and you will be able to create a new report.


  • 11Ridindirty

    I downloaded this app Friday, and I am really impressed.

    I am a Big Road subscriber, and this has all the things I wished Big Road did. It will also answer some questions some of you posted. This program is more aimed at small fleets, as a platform.

    The logs are really good, and they are similar to big road, but I think they are even a tad easier. There is a DVIR at the bottom. What we all like is that if you find a defect, a drop down box pops up, with items, and can add notes if you need too.

    You can also send documents to the dispatcher. The messaging works much better, and on average the driver has his message in about 2 seconds. One other big advantage is that if you exit the program, it stays running in the background. With Big Road, if the driver exits to use an app for the home screen, he is offline until he enters it again. Big Road has said there is a fix coming for this. To be fair to Big Road, their customer service is excellent, and they do care about what people need.

    Now for the dispatch side of Keepon Truckin, and where it really shines is on the dispatch side. ( note, if you are a driver and dispatcher, you will need two e-mail addresses to register, one as a driver, and one as a dispatcher.)

    In the dashboard, you track your vehicles on Google Maps. According to the developer, it should keep a breadcrumb trail for 10 days. You also look at the driver logs, but what is really cool, is if the driver has a violation, it shows a flag to let you know. Logs are kept according to driver name ( same with the DVIR’s) and date. The documents section, messaging section and log section are very nicely laid out, and very fast to learn..

    Here is where this app shines. You can send loads to your drivers right from the program with all pick up and drop off information. When the driver picks up load and drops it off, he just hits a button. It will show who picked up what where on map with a “P”. Same with drop offs except it uses a “D” . All of the loads are stored so you can reference at a later date in case you need the information.

    On the load information the driver gets, it is very easy to read, and the delivery and pick up addresses are hot keyed. If the driver clicks on the address, it goes right to Google Navigation for directions for the driver.

    This app really makes the drivers life easy, along with the dispatcher. It is buggy, but only a week old, and the developer was fast to e-mail me with information for questions I had.When this app gets cleaned up, it will be a perfect platform for small fleets like myself up to about 50 trucks or so. This app really does have it all. I really wanted to like Big Road, but it is more set up for over the road uses. This is much better set up for local and regional uses along with OTR.

    Note: We only used this for about 30 minutes total playing with it. We used the logs, documents, messaging and load dispatching with no problems. ( We are managers, and drivers and are far from computer geniuses so this says a lot. We are going to be moving three drivers over too it on Monday. If anyone wants to know how it goes, you may e-mail me. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.