BigRoad logging app on iPhone

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Updated Aug 19, 2013
Download BigRoad for the iPhone by clicking through the image.Download BigRoad for the iPhone by clicking through the image.

BigRoad announced today the release of its electronic hours-of-service logging solution, previously available only on Android devices, for the iPhone and iPad platforms. More than 70,000 drivers and 1,900 fleets in North America today use BigRoad’s smartphone-based app to electronically capture and comply with hours regulations, the company says, manage their business and stay connected to friends and family while on the road.

Its owner-operator/fleet version, available at $15 per user per month, likewise added International Fuel Tax Agreement functionality with state mile reporting in support of IFTA filings. 

Since the BigRoad app’s release just a year ago for Android users, the BigRoad app has quickly garnered a user-satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of five stars and more than 1,300 positive user reviews. Company CEO Kelly Frey anticipates achieving equal, if not greater, success with the Apple platform. “In 2012, it was reported that 76 percent of fleet managers in the transportation industry rely on smartphones, and 64 percent of those managers indicated nearly all of their drivers were carrying smartphones,” Frey said. “BigRoad’s entire mission is to make life on the road easy and simple, and part of that strategy includes universal access to our app across all device platforms.”

In addition to computer-assisted logging, BigRoad’s tools include:
**Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) for pre- and post trip inspections.
**U.S. DOT and Canadian Ministry of Transportation (MTO) regulated rule sets.
**A specific view mode for sharing with officers to streamline roadside inspections.
**Location, photo and document sharing.
**An application bar offering one-click access to the most-used applications in the Android Play Store by truckers.

In addition to new IFTA functionality, BigRoad’s management program for owner-operators and fleets, available for just $15 per month/user, includes the following value-added features:
**Fleet optimization account accessible through any computer with specific logins for fleets.
**Live truck tracking and drivers’ HOS reports and statistics.
**Fleet support, including cloud-based storage of logs and reports.
**A fleet messaging service and document sharing with easy-to-access “Send to Dispatch” sharing.