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Animal magnetism, or lack thereof, on the road

| April 27, 2010

Sarah Nielson, writer of the “That’s What She Said” entertainment/pop culture column at In Utah This Week claimed yesterday that she was, and I quote, a “Turn On for Truckers…”, right there in the title of her post about the perceived phenomenon. (Here‘s Nielson’s bio, with picture, at her home site.) 

But I imagine the men among you might not take too kindly to the picture she paints of the American driver as a less-than-a-gent who can be bought with cheap beer and a smile. Then again, I have a feeling she’s not exactly being sincere in her insult-heaping, as she goes on to tell a story that details a trucker’s reaction to her that might be more in line with the collective reality of people going about their daily lives in work.

Having left her house in a flurry late for a funeral without tights, she stops to buy a pair at a drugstore, then at a service station to gas up the car and, well, put on the tights in the station’s bathroom. She writes:

When I pulled into the station I realized just how late I was. I decided to forgo the bathroom and put the nylons on right there. With no one in sight, I pulled up my dress and started putting them on. Suddenly I heard the familiar sound of a diesel truck. The truck driver saw me before I had a chance to dive behind my car. He chuckled and walked into the gas station.

And that was that.

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