Another load goes away

| April 12, 2012

I learned today more about WordPress. Learned by continuing my studies and website work.

Diane and I woke up this morning in a retail area in Tulsa, Okla. Finding no freight to haul out west, we have been deadheading east from Arizona to better position ourselves for freight. Diane was working the Landstar load board on the way and found us a load. It was supposed to pick up tomorrow not far from Tulsa so we stopped there to wait.

Notice I am talking in the past tense. Consistent with the string of negative events we have been having, this load turned to crap too. Two skids became eight skids and our truck only holds six. We could have been in Saint Louis this morning but instead lost a day in Tulsa to yet another load that did not go.

We did the usual calls to agents and load board checks to see if there might be anything else coming out of Tulsa. Nothing was found so we decided to continue our deadhead journey to Saint Louis. We will arrive around midnight and hope to find something on Friday so we don’t have to lay over for yet another weekend.

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