BoliBoli was rescued out of a barn in South Dakota a few years ago and came to live with us.  She is 9 years old and very independent.  She gets along with our other dogs but only tolerates them. She is most happy traveling with me in the truck.  She keeps her eyes out for people around the truck and when I am out of the truck, sits and watches outside until I get back in.  She enjoys her Hello Kitty doggie bed and the occasional Greenie bone.  Of course if I go to McDonald’s I better have a “Boli Box” in the bag for her which consists of a hamburger or sausage patty. She has her own wardrobe in the truck too!  Whenever I leave home, she is right there trying to climb my leg to make sure to remind me not to forget her.  Even though she’s only 4#, she is an awesome guard dog!!!  I don’t go anywhere without her.  She’s my sidekick wherever we go!

Jennifer Roach | Owner-operator, CH Industries LLC

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