Diesel price drops again, to $2.726

Updated Dec 22, 2009
Fuel prices have dropped six straight weeks.Fuel prices have dropped six straight weeks.

Average diesel prices dropped 2.2 cents to $2.726 for the week ending Monday, the seventh straight weekly decline, according to the survey from the U.S. Dept. of Energy. The current price is 36 cents lower than a year ago.

Average prices fell in every region tracked by DOE:

  • East Coast: $2.726.
  • Midwest: $2.708.
  • Gulf Coast: $2.680.
  • Rocky Mountain: $2.740
  • West Coast: $2.825

This month’s DOE forecast continues to call for higher fuel prices next year. “Rising crude oil prices contribute to an increase in the annual average regular-grade gasoline retail price from $2.35 per gallon in 2009 to $2.83 in 2010, as pump prices approach $3 per gallon during next year’s driving season,” it says. “Projected annual average diesel fuel retail prices are $2.46 and $2.96 per gallon, respectively, in 2009 and 2010.”

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