‘Murder,’ he wrote

If you feel like your job is killing you, you’re not alone. A former trucker, Gene Chapman of Dallas, upset at the number of hours truck drivers spend on the road, rented six billboards in
Iowa City and Coralville, Iowa, for a group calling itself Christian Truckers Against Dispatch Murder.

Each of the billboards, erected in March, contains a Bible verse against murder, the name of the group and a phone number.

“This is not about some employee trying to get back at his boss,” says Chapman. “That was just the match that got me up off my rear to do something about the bigger problem.”

He says it is common for drivers to exceed legal hours because they are usually paid by the mile instead of by the hour. This contributes to fatigue and truck-related fatalities.

“We’re trying to save lives,” Chapman says. “We’re trying to get people to pay attention to the issue.”

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