This team never argues

Taking full advantage of a loophole in Vermont’s new same-sex union laws, long-haul trucker Chris Holmes married himself Tuesday evening.

After a small ceremony at the local Justice of the Peace in which Holmes’ younger brother served as Best Man and Maid of Honor, the newlywed told close friends that he would be changing his driving status from ‘solo’ to ‘one-person husband-wife team’ as soon as he returned from a short honeymoon at the local adult video store.

Vermont DOT officials had no comment about the wedding itself, but did say that driving as a one person team, married or not, would require the simultaneous use of two logbooks.

The not-so-subtle humor of this story, “Trucker Marries Self,” is typical of what you’ll find on Diesel Jockey News, a parody of the trucking lifestyle that can be found at or in Truckers News.