What is your favorite entertainment on the road?

Javier Salmeron
La Lima, Honduras
“I listen to a lot of radio stations. I have to bring a book of stations so I know how to find the music. Usually, I listen to soft rock.”

Bob Greene Jr.

“My ferret is my entertainment on the road. I take it everywhere I go. It sleeps on my feet 16 hours a day, then when I want to go to bed, it’s ready to play.”

Chris Spriggs
Houston International

“Listening to the gospel on the radio is one of my favorite things. Anytime I can hear Charles Stanley or Chuck Swindoll, I’m happy.”

Roy Graham

“I like listening to guys tell jokes on the CB late at night. It helps keep me awake.”

Gregory Jones
Council, N.C.

“I watch movies and play my PlayStation. I like action and adventure games.”

Jack Carpenter
Covington, Tenn.
Continental Express

“I like the radio, but I can’t always listen to my favorite stations on the road.”

Carl Chandler
Lexington, S.C.
Gant Trucking

“I watch television when I pull in. I love ‘The Jamie Foxx Show.'”

Harold Perrodin
Lafayette, La.

“I play with the CB and the FM radio. I listen to keep up with the police.”

Mark O’Shea
Ocala, Fla.

“I listen to talk radio and the CB. I want to stay in touch with the world.”

Harold Taylor
Lexington, Ky.

“Watching Kentucky play basketball on television.”

Larry White
Odessa, Texas
Contract Freighters

“I read newspapers and magazines.”

Alan Pinter
Garyville, La.
USA Truck

“I like going to the movies if they’re available.”

James Boddie
Rocky Mountain, N.C.
Earl Tetterton

“Read magazines or anything else available.”

Norm Knight
Leslie, Ark.

“I like to listen to country western music.”

Henry Hester
Camden, Ala.
Nuss Lumber

“I just enjoy traveling and seeing the scenery.”

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