What is your favorite state to drive in?

What is your favorite state to drive in?

Lance Woodbury
Norwich, Conn.

“Pennsylvania, because they don’t bother you too much.”

Bill Smith
Kansas City, Kan.

“Texas, because it’s flat.”

Larry Delmont
Rialto, Calif.
Stater Bros.

“Iowa, because of the corn fields. I like to watch the big corn leaves blowing in the breeze before a thunderstorm. When I was growing up in Southern California, there weren’t large farms, but my grandparents had 5 acres, and Iowa reminds me of when I was a kid at their farm.”

Louis Koehler
Richmond, Va.

“Virginia. I live there.”

Stelvin Brawley

“Texas – it’s open country.”

Dewayne Gholson
South Hill, Va.
Grayson Mitchell

“Virginia. It’s my home.

Tony Mann
Lubbock, Texas
U.S. Xpress

“Arizona. Cops are a lot more lenient on truck drivers.”

Mark Westfall
Forest Grove, Ore.

“Nevada. There are lots of things to do and no scales.”

Gary Speed
Waynesboro, Miss.
Howard Transportation

“Mississippi, because it’s home.”

Antonio Gray
Memphis, Tenn.
MS Carriers

“Tennessee. I’m originally from Tennessee, and I know the roads.”

Clifton Hargrove
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Kenan Transport

“Alabama, because I live there.”

Ronald Svenky
Express Leasing.

“I don’t have one.”

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