CitiCapital: Why Focus Is Favorable

CitiCapital believes the Internet is instrumental for owner-operators, particularly for making their businesses more profitable. Truckers can use the Internet to find the cheapest gas or the fastest route, arrange backhauls, find budgeting tools, get financial advice and locate good deals on trucks. True to CitiCapital’s mission, its website,, is a user-friendly, organized site focused on providing professional drivers the best and latest information.

Our focus
What makes CitiCapital a leading provider of financial services to the trucking industry? Focus. How can it help a trucking business like yours? Conducting your business online saves you time so you can focus on what makes you money: moving freight.

CitiCapital has been serving the industry for more than 25 years with the sole purpose of delivering quality financial services to drivers – and this specialization and knowledge have been extended to

Dedication is the key
In today’s competitive e-market, many companies try to offer something to everyone, which can cause them to slip into being mediocre at many things instead of the best at one. Dedication to being the best is what defines CitiCapital and sets it apart from other companies that offer online services to truckers.

“The vast majority of our business pertains to financing, leasing and insurance – things that typically occurs only a few times per year for a typical trucker, says Peter Piccolo, vice president of e-commerce for CitiCapital. “Therefore, unlike some companies that manage logistics or information-intensive websites, our objective with is not necessarily to attract truckers on a daily basis.”

With a large staff of employees dedicated to trucking, CitiCapital can provide owner-operators value that other companies can’t. “Our division is made up of people who focus on nothing but the trucking industry,” Piccolo says. “Our competitors haven’t been in the industry for as many years as we have; they don’t have the expertise that comes with our history.”

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How you can benefit from
“Owner-operators who are interested in financial and business information related to trucking go to,” Piccolo says. “If they want to check the weather or shop, they will most likely go to another site.”

Although the main function of the website is to allow our trucking clients to arrange financing online, it also includes business-management tools to help with budgeting, cash-flow, and profitability analysis. Articles and information on the site can help trucking companies answer important questions such as “When is leasing a favorable alternative to financing?”

When you visit, you will find a user-friendly, organized website. CitiCapital’s experience in financial services and its focus on trucking leads to favorable results for customers who visit


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