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Today’s Stop: Walcott, Iowa

Today the Overdrive Anniversary Tour is stopping at the TA on West I-80 Road in Walcott, Iowa.

Amazingly enough, it seems that the biggest draw around those parts is the Iowa 80 truck stop, the world’s largest truck stop. In 1964, Standard Oil built and opened the truck stop, and in September 1965, Bill Moon took over management of the truck stop for Amoco. Iowa 80 was a small facility that only took up a fraction of what it does today, housing a small truckers store, one lube bay and a restaurant run by the Peel family.

With the completion of its $4 million expansion project in 1994, Iowa 80 TA Truck stop widened the gap as the largest truck stop in the world. It boasts the Iowa 80 Kitchen, it’s new 300-seat restaurant with a 50-foot salad bar, one-of-a-kind truckers warehouse store, 24 private showers, Dolby Surround Sound

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