September 7-9: Great American Trucking Show in Dallas

The Overdrive 40th Anniversary Tour has finallly made it to its destination: The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

Besides being the home to one of the largest truck shows in the industry, Dallas will forever be known as the city where President John F Kennedy was shot, and the sites associated with his death are among Dallas’ most visited attractions. If you have time to visit only one, make it the Sixth Floor Museum, a thoughtful, comprehensive tribute to the life, death and legacy of JFK. Located in the former Texas School Book Depository, this museum feels frozen in time, from the go-go days of 1960, when JFK proclaimed in his inaugural address, ‘Let the word go forth … that the torch has been passed to a new generation,’ to the tempestuous times that followed.

With that background in place, the museum explains in minute-by-minute detail the events of 22 November 1963. Artifacts include the original layout for the front page of that afternoon’s Dallas Times Herald, stills from the famous home movie filmed by Abraham Zapruder, a teletype machine endlessly reprinting the first report of the murder and an FBI model of the assassination site. But the most evocative exhibit is the corner window overlooking Dealey Plaza, the grassy knoll and the triple underpass: the same vista suspected gunman Lee Harvey Oswald had on that fateful November day.

You can also visit the Conspiracy Museum in Dallas that embraces all things conspiratorial and strings them together. Here, you’ll see definitive conclusions: Not only was JFK’s murder part of “THE conspiracy to control the Oval Office,” but Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and even Edward Kennedy (“framed” by the Chappaquiddick scandal) were victims, as well. Did you know that Lincoln’s assassin may have lived into the 20th century? Or that Korean Airliner 007 couldn’t possibly have been shot down as officially ruled?

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