Never be hungry for movies again

Your sleeper cab theater might not be the ideal place to curl up and watch a movie. But at least you can enhance the experience by not limiting yourself to the handful of videos available at truck stops.

How? You can choose from a wide variety of online videos before you leave home and return your rentals in prepaid envelopes at your convenience.

Payment. In most cases, you will need a credit card to set up your account, though some sites allow checks or money orders. Some sites offer a free first rental and free rentals for referrals or multiple movies.

Selection. You can rent current hits or browse through catalogs of classics, foreign films or documentaries. Several sites offer to search for hard-to-find movies upon request. You can also rent music CDs and recorded books online.

The exchange. The movies are delivered at no charge to your home address within two days. You usually have two to three days to view the movie. You can buy a membership from some sites that allow you to keep from two to five movies for an unlimited amount of days.

The movies come with a postage-paid return envelope, so just about everything is taken care of. Everything except the popcorn, that is – for that you’ll still need a microwave.

Rhett Butler Trucking’s
Gone With the Wind
show truck, a Kenworth T2000
out of Andalusia, Ala.,
takes scenes from the
owner’s favorite movie
wherever it goes.