November 2001

Psycho trucker, now playing

The world premiere of Joy Ride, in which three young practical jokers are chased cross-country by a murderous psycho trucker, was held at a truck stop – the Alamo Travel Center in Sparks, Nev.

“If it was going to be something negative, we didn’t want anything to do with it,” says Ryan Caddel, the Alamo’s fuel sales and services manager. About 1,200 people turned out, and the truckers loved the movie, Caddel says.

Joy Ride stars Leelee Sobieski, Steve Zahn and Paul Walker, whose The Fast and the Furious was about glamorous truck hijackers.

When you gotta go, you don’t gotta go

A new product called the E-Z Leaker, according to the press release, “cuts out the annoying truck stop detour needed to relieve a full bladder.” It’s a latex sheath attached to a “kink-resistant drainage tube