What is the ideal horsepower?

William Wise
Dadeville, Ala.

“My truck has 370 hp, but I wish I had 550 hp, because it would be more pulling power.”

Mike Phelps
Dayton, Fla.
J.B. Hunt

“I think 470 is ideal. It gets good fuel mileage and has just enough horsepower to get you where you need to go.”

Charles Roney
“As much as you can get. It’s dangerous to drive with an engine without enough horsepower. I need a lot more.”

Chuck Jestus
Blytheville, Ark.

“I think everyone wants more horsepower. I drive a 425-hp Cat, and if I had a choice, I’d stay with it because I’m used to it.”

Charles Westbrook
Friend, Neb.

“Anything that gets you up a hill almost as fast as you go down the other side. I like to have enough horsepower to go uphill without changing lots of gears. I’m not so much concerned about top speed as pull.”

Ricky Zimmerman
Holland, Ohio
James Helwig & Sons

“I like the big motors the most, mostly because they can pull a hill.”

Benjamin Portillo
Manfredi Motor Transit
“I drive a company truck, so I have no choice, but if I did I’d drive at least 500 hp.”

George Eberly
Aurora, Neb.
G.E. Eberly & Sons Inc.

“475 because it does the job. When it comes to fuel efficiency, it’s the best.”

Johnny Thompson
Moncks Corner, S.C.
Truckers Express

“I like a Cat 550. I’m driving a Freightliner with a Detroit.”

Gerard Peters
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Prince Freight Lines

“The one that gives you the best fuel economy. I have a 460 Mack.”

Danny Harrell
Fort White, Fla.

“I like the Cat 550 – that’s what I drive.”

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