December 2001


Even though I am a company driver, I find myself looking at the fuel price when I pull into an assigned fuel stop. I was in the New Orleans area when the attack happened in New York City.

The thing I keep thinking about is: How can people raise fuel prices when without the trucking industry the country would come to a complete halt? During this time, I think the fuel prices should go down so we can keep moving the freight that is in demand. That is what sticking together and supporting each other is all about. God bless America.

Mary Lemond
Opelousas, La.


In the May 2001 issue of Overdrive, Nathan Russell wrote a letter concerning criminal background checks on driver applicants, but some things were left unsaid.

Right now I am a burden to every person who pays taxes. My children are also being taken care of by public funds. As a convicted felon, I can understand the need for getting tough on crime. I am lucky to have some skills and a will to do the right thing. In order to do this, I must have a good-paying job. If taxpayers can’t take care of their own families with minimum wage, how do you expect me to provide my two children with food, shelter and clothing? Every person you turn away could be the one whose life you could have helped turn around.

I want to get a job driving a truck. I want to take care of my children and buy my own home. I want what every red-blooded American wants, to earn my own.

Ellery Stewart
Polk City, Fla.


Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. In 1980 I bought my first truck, and in 1982 I bought my first issue of Overdrive. In late 1982 I read an article on becoming an owner-operator. At the age of 72, I am still an owner-operator, and I still read your magazine. Your articles have been a great advantage on my continuing to operate to this day.

C. Casiano
Gautier, Miss.