April 2002


RadioShack recently placed an ad that shed a negative light on the trucking industry. After receiving angry letters from truck drivers, RadioShack said it would send an apology to America’s truckers, but the offensive message went to millions of people who will never see the apology.

As far as I am concerned, I will not be going into another RadioShack until a retraction is sent to every person who was sent the ad in the first place. I would encourage everyone else in our industry to do the same. There are already enough people out there ready to malign our profession without anybody adding to the problem in this way.

Jim Ross
Marlette, Mich.


I am a 52-year-old trucker from England who has been involved with trucks all my life. I was also involved with importing used trucks from the United States to England, but I had a heart attack that kept me out of the business for some time. Now, after eight years, I’m back working as an owner-operator.

I would like to know whether anyone in the American trucking industry wants to become an e-mail pal and make friends on the other side of the ocean with others in the trucking industry. Contact me through my website, www.saxontraction.co.uk.

Toby Holland
Shaftesbury, Dorset, England


I received a log book ticket in New York that was my mistake but, to my surprise, goes on my permanent record as a misdemeanor. Sorry, but I made a simple mistake. I would have never imagined it was a criminal offense.

When are you other drivers going to wake up and see what is happening out here? Are you all out here for the same reason I am? I just want to make an honest living for my family and myself.

We have enough problems out here to worry about, such as low rates and fuel prices; we certainly don’t need the added worry of being criminals.

Let’s start showing some respect for one another and stick together. It would sure make everything a lot better for everyone out here.

Doug Karas
Irwin, Pa.